What you don't really have to know but I'm happy to tell you anyway.

Also the part of this blog where I thoroughly embarrass poor Jason by raving about his athletic prowess, ruggedly handsome charm, and devilishly sharp intellect.

Jason & I started hanging out in 2003, during high school track... and haven't stopped since! (Specifically, I ran in circles for long periods of time, and he nimbly leapt over obstacles, and apparently we both thought that the other was impressive. Ah, young love.)

We got ourselves hitched:
That was pretty exciting : )

I got my Bachelor's in Architecture from University of Oregon.
(Here's some stuff I've done.)
I'd hang out with them even if we weren't related. Love you guys!

Jason currently has an insane 4.2 GPA at UO and is presenting his Physics PhD thesis this fall. But before he does that, he had to go to Sweden to finish up his research.

(Here's some stuff Jason's working on.)

I tagged along to Sweden! It was fun, but we missed a lot of people... so we started this whole shenanigan.