Saturday, October 9

We also have things other than a living room

I decided I needed to get a better feel for the metric system (Europe is so inspirational like that), so I drafted our Little Sveedish Apartment using meters. And enjoyed it. This geekery knows no bounds.
This is how she spends her spare time?! Get this girl a job, STAT.

There are a few peculiarities we need to discuss. First of all, what the heck is up with all those doors? Theories include:
  • you can save energy by only heating the room you're currently in
  • door manufacturing is subsidized in Sweden and they have to do something with all those doors

Moving on: "bed(s)?"

For some reason there were four twin beds when we moved in. Like any grown, mature adults we crammed as many in the bedroom that would fit (3). And we still steal the covers at night.

The bathroom looks pretty inconspicuous from this view, but it's actually quite the adventure. First, see that first closet in the floorplan above? Those lines so artfully drawn across it (thank you, thank you) are several rows of bars to hang towels. Then, in the bottom of the closet there is a radiator heater. Dry, warm towels every single day. Genius.

Next, the shower. That tub is really just a tub, like as in basin, that drains onto the floor. It sits in the bathroom, not attached to anything. Luckily, there's also a drain in the floor beneath it. So, lessons encountered in Swedish bathrooms:
  • Don't leave your clothes on the floor.
  • Make sure you're not wearing shoes, socks, or slippers when draining a bath full of water (courtesy of Jason).
Now you don't have to learn those the hard way. You're welcome.


ashnic05 said...

Well your tub makes me proud of my itty bitty bathroom. I'll have to post some pics so we can compare apartments :)

Scott said...

First of all, it looks like you guys are enjoying your time so far. Second, how long did it take you to make your chalkboard title? Its awesome!

April said...

Haha thanks Scott! Photoshop & I spent some quality hours together... It was a fun project : )

kelseybear said...


Samantha said...

The first thing I said when I saw the chalkboard and diagram of your apartment was, "April has too much time on her hands." Then I realized all of the weird crap that I do and felt like a jerk for saying that. I love the blog! Keep it coming. I'll be an avid reader.

April said...

This is ENTIRELY all about me having to much time on my hands. And having an illicit romance with Photoshop/Illustrator.