Tuesday, October 19

Julia Child is the Shiz

My awesome friend Kristie lent me the perfect book to read on this trip: My Life in France by Julia Child. Here's the plot in one run-on sentence: Julia's husband gets a job in France, where she goes nuts for French cuisine, ends up in French culinary school, and returns to the US to bless us with her knowledge.

Or, as Kristie put it so well: "It's a good book about being with someone you love in a new place... and about delicious, delicious food."

So as you might imagine, it's inspired me to cook my butt off lately (well, my belt insists on just the opposite, actually). It's also inspired us to watch every single a few "French Chef" snippets on YouTube. Did you guys ever watch that show? I remember my health-nut mom would let out a "WHOAAAAAA" of vicarious thrill as Julia jubilantly tossed in butter by the stick.

And her oddly explosive "B's" are the best. "Let's just add a littuhl BUHTtah... (PLUNK)."

My favorite part is where she chucks the soufflé pan. And when she double-cracks the eggs like a freakin' rock star.


April said...

P.S. The BobFather (what I call Jason's dad in my head) suggested that I become the Sveedish counterpart to "The French Chef:"


Oh, my. (Apparently Swedes think this guy is hilarious.)

Anonymous said...

One of my FAV movies is Julie and Julia. You MUST see it!! I am watching it as I type this actually. It makes me want bread, wine, and makes me want to cook like mad!