Wednesday, October 6

Getting to Sveeeeeden

So actually, we're in Sweden right now. Jason had to come here to finish up his PhD research, and I decided to bum a ride with him.

We landed in Denmark, took a train over the Baltic Sea, then took a taxi to our apartment. What I saw of the city through my bleary, bedraggled airplane eyes was gorgeous. Lund is the oldest city in Sweden (est. 990), with cobblestone roads and very Amsterdammy architecture. Apparently there are a lot of castles here, so first thing on my list: buy a cheap bike!

We got to our apartment from the airport at 10AM Swedish time/ 1AM US time, and a 1-hour nap turned into a sleeping-through-the-alarm-clock, 6-hour slumber. Which made it really hard to go to bed seven hours later.

Luckily (*sort of), the previous occupants of this apartment left coffee grounds and a french press!! So for the first few days, I got re-addicted. And Jason took naps. Both very counterproductive yet necessary things to do. Pulling a 180° on sleep schedules is rough!

*recovering caffeine addict (comes with the territory of architecture school)

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