Tuesday, October 12

This is where we go to find food.

This is our little Sveedish grocery store. It's hip. Like, corrugated-steel-plus-fabulous-typography hip. And it's pronounced "VEEL-ees." Swoon!

Out of VEEL-ee's come some wonderful things, and also some Sveedish surprises:
That cheerful little cow makes it look so innocent. Tricksy, tricksy.

"Does that say... Lactose-Free milk?! Svvveeet!!"

I gleefully made some tea when I got home, and added the milk... PLOP?!


Yogurt tea. Awesome.

We also had trouble finding chicken broth (aka "hönsbuljong") at the store, so we bought chicken Top Ramen (to use the flavor packets). Except that I ate it all before I even get a chance to cook with it, because MSG is the most delicious thing ever invented.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'd survive on this crap if it wouldn't cause me to die of scurvy.
I FINALLY found the razors here. It's been a month since I shaved my legs, and the time is nigh to harvest zee crops. (Don't say I didn't warn you about TMI from the beginning. The fact that I'm omitting an image for this topic earns this post another "self-restraint" label.)

Check out the metric eggs (15-pack). I can take them out in my favorite checkerboard pattern, and they turn out symmetrically. MUCH unlike eggs in the US, which bugs me a little every time. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder strikes again.
Symmetric-Metric eggs
 At VEEly's, they sell lettuce and herbs with the roots intact! These were the only "containers" we had, and I think they're making the plants act kind of snobby. Look at the way they're staring wistfully out the window.

"As if we're good enough to go in anything THEY cook."


ho_ said...

April. That was one of the best blog posts I've read in a really really really long time.
TMI, yes, but so worth it.

Eggs in 15... I wonder if that makes the egg crates more structural...

Claire said...

I love the snobby herbs :)

ashnic05 said...

Awesome blog! Loved the TMI with the snobby herbs.

jenne said...

i love the snobby herbs, too! but the best part is the EGGS, OMG!? i, too, suffer from extreme OCD when it comes to egg cartons. horrible, horrible planning on the carton-creator's part. i'd like to be able to eat however many eggs i want/planned to eat & have a nice, symmetrical &/or centered egg situation leftover afterwards. not the OTHER WAY AROUND, where i have to use however many eggs it takes to even out the package's weight between both sides when i put it back in the fridge! (did this make any sense? i'm sure it did, to a fellow OCD egg lady...)