Wednesday, October 20

Swedish Spanish Lessons: A Fruity Romance

In our effort to get Jason hablando away in Spanish, I try to make his homework moderately entertaining. Based on his vocabulary so far (about that of a two-year old, no offense my dear), that can be quite the challenge.

This assignment was to translate the English to Spanish.  He wanted me to share it with you guys, so.... read along in whichever language you want.

Pedro:       Hi Maria, how are you?                          (Hola María, ¿como estás?)
Maria:        I'm fantastic. And you?                             (Estoy fantástica. ¿Y tú?)
Pedro:       I'm very happy.                                       (Estoy muy feliz.)
Maria:        Why are you happy?                                (¿Por qué estás feliz?)
Pedro:       Because I have a cold mango.              (Porque tengo un mango frío.)
Maria:        The mango is not hot. I am also               (El mango no está caliente. Ahora,
                   happy now.                                               estoy feliz también.)
Pedro:       Yes. We are happy.                                 (Sí. Estamos felices.)

...awkward pause.                                                      ...pausa incómoda.

Maria:        Where is the mango from?                        (¿De dónde es el mango?)
Pedro:       The mango is from Guatemala.             (El mango es de Guatemala.)
Maria:        Oh! My husband is from Guatemala.        (¡Ah! Mi esposo es de Guatemala.)
Pedro:       Is your husband a mango?                    (¿Es tu esposo un mango?)
Maria:        Yes, he is a mango from Guatemala.        (Sí, es un mango de Guatemala.)
Pedro:       Is MY mango your husband?                 (¿Es MI mango su esposo?)
Maria:        Well, what color is your mango?                (Pués, ¿de qué color es su mango?)
Pedro:       My mango is yellow. What color is        (Mi mango es amarillo. ¿De qué
                  your husband?                                         color es tu esposo?)
Maria:        My husband is orange.                              (Mi esposo es anaranjado.)
Pedro:       Your husband is a pretty color.              (Tu esposo es un color bonito.)
Maria:        Oh, here is my husband! He is in my         (Ah, ¡aqui está mi esposo! Está en
                  bathroom. Your mango is not my               mi baño. Tu mango no es mi
                  husband.                                                    esposo.)
Pedro:       I have a date with my yellow                  (Tengo una cita con mi mango
                  mango now. See you later, Maria           amarillo ahora. Hasta la vista, María
                  Mango.                                                      Mango.)
Maria:        Good luck, Pedro Papaya.                        (Buena suerte, Pedro Papaya.)

Pedro Papaya, what HAPPENED?! I guess your mango WAS cold... stone cold.


Samantha said...

This reminds me of high school when we would do the cracked out skits. We even had a dress up closet. I can remember when this awesome girl named Chelsea played my alcoholic mother, and she had a bottle in a paper sack. I want to know how the bottle/paper sack made it into the high school prop closet. Good times at Burns High.
My Word verification code was "tacks." I think it's a sign, but let's just keep that between you and me.

April said...

I loooved those skits. One day we had a skit where we pretended to mix up "secador de pelo" (hair dryer) with "sacadaor de pelo" (hair remover) and we came to school with giant, ratty teased hair... all for two-minute skit. What overachievers.

I can't believe you guys had a dress-up closet?! Jealousies.

P.S. <3!!