Sunday, October 10

That's how I roll.

I love cooking, but unfortunately I have old lady hips-- and for some reason standing hurts more than anything else. Jason had a really, really brilliant (and sweet and thoughtful) idea to move the office chair into the kitchen. I'm never going back to cooking without wheels again.

Typical choreography goes something like this:
Sit & chop veggies, push off the counter and roll over to the stove. Dump veggies into pan, swivel around, get eggs out of fridge. Ask Jason to hand me the washcloth off the table (literally 3 feet away, but "inaccessible" because the chair can't roll over the doorjamb.)
So... WARNING: side effects include forgetting you have use of your lower limbs while in kitchen.


I wasn't kidding about "Martha-Stewart-meets-Tasmanian-Devil," amigos.


Samantha said...

I have never followed a blog before. So consider this an honor. I think I might have followed you two times...I have no clue what I'm doing. Anyway, now I can say that I've been to Sweden since I followed you's that for a lame joke.

April said...

Sam, you figured out how to make a picture of yourself on your 'follower' icon... do you realize how long it took me to do that?? Give yourself some credit : ) (And yes, I'm honored, Ms. Journalism Degree/somebody who's done the OPPOSITE of following her whole life!)

ashnic05 said...

Genius idea! :)