Sunday, October 31

Eeexcellent procrastination tool.

Jason found this AWESOME website that lets you design your own ambient sound effects.

You combine different noises, like "waves crashing," "boat rowing," and..."lemur?!"
(Yeeesh, wouldn't wanna be in that boat.)

When the Hubster first discovered this website, he called me into the room.
I glanced at his computer screen:

--but before I could decipher the meaning of all these knobs on his screen, this is (a reenactment of) what I heard... and saw:

(Is your sound on?)

Living with this guy puts me into hysterics Every. Single. Day.

Soon we were coming up with stuff like, "Beach camping with Darth Vader who's out collecting firewood."

Alas, this website discovery is yet another reason I'm heartbroken to be missing my favorite holiday today. ...Anybody wanna make our day by sharing your own morbid concoction in the comments section? Or do you already have enough homework as it is?

(Use the "Save as Link" feature on the website.)
(Oh, here's the website.)
(PLEASE don't use the "Children Giggles" sound, that's so far past my WAY-TOO-CREEPY line it's not even funny.)
(I shouldn't have even said that, should I?)
(Happy Halloween, by the way!)


April said...

Hollllllly shiznit. This is horrific.

ashnic05 said...

Codi and I have been playing with this site for over 3 hours! Talk about a procrastination tool! Lol

Kristie said...

As a camping addict and a Star Wars geek, I am so in love with beach camping with Darth Vader that I cannot even describe it.

April said...

@Ash: It's taken you over too? sorry! : )

@Kei: A little ambiance for your homework, perhaps...?