Wednesday, March 16

Battle of the Fonts

Pros of graduating with a degree in a design-oriented field:
  • Your resumes, cover letters, and other employment paraphernalia have a decent chance at being really pretty.
  • You've developed a nervous tic which manifests itself in perfectionistic over-design mania.
Or, in other words, a five-hour long tic deciding what font to set my resume/cover letter in.

After the first full hour of staring at little letters, I gave up and got on the fbook resourcefully consulted my peers:

And it goes on for 21 comments. I love it when the geeks come out to play.

The following represents an incredibly abbreviated account of my struggles, once I hunkered back down into the world of productivity:

(Look out, world, I discovered how to embed animated .GIF files into cover letters.)


Kristie said...

HA. Wonderful.

And you are sooo right about Century Gothic there. It looks like you know people who know things about typography, but you never actually understood it yourself.

If you're going to try reverse psychological tactics (as with TNR), I think you should go with Comic Sans. It says that you're willing to take a risk just to shake up people's expectations.

Also you remind me of Hyperbole and a Half when you say "Thanks, Alot, For Not Flushing the Toilet" (punctuation added for effect).

jenne said...

oh. my god. aaaahahahahahhahahaha. this is too good. TOO GOOD! i'm telling you - i'm going to follow your blog forever, so please, keep it up for all time. seriously, i've never been so entertained by a blog. in the past, i've tried my darndest to feel compelled to read the bullshit of many bloggers by a hope that they might have something to say that would be worth my reading...

& well...i've finally found my blog. you NEVER fail to amuse me, or say exactly what i might feel about something but can't say as wittily as you can, & for that, i THANK YOU.


LOLing all the time (seriously, while my boyfriend sleeps next to me, i laugh out loud, with no shame or care that he's grumpy if woken up.)

April said...

Kristie-- I know, I wanted to hyperlink the word "Alot" to that post so, SO bad... too bad the "cover letter" is one giant image.

Speaking of links, check this out.

(I love that whenever you give an answer that disses Scandinavians, you find yourself at a dead end.)

April said...

JENNE. You make my day, woman. I'll come back to this comment in the future if I ever get writer's block : )

Speaking of awesome blogs, if you haven't checked out the link that Kristie left, you might want to try it : ) Allie's posts make me drool on myself with laughter.

Foxygen said...

Ooh, I like that last Helvetica one!

And now that I type it out, I realize I've been pronouncing it wrong in my head.

Anna said...

haha! Whenever I see a business that uses a font that I recognize and HATE (Comic Sans, Curls or any of those Lucida ones) I completely discredit them for having any sort of reasonable or useful business. I think I'm doomed!

P.S. I love reading your blog, I just never comment! ;)

Kanette said...

This post just made my evening, especially the bit about TNR. I really wish that I had an occasion to use that abbreviation again, just so I could pretend to be an ultra up to date hipster type, haha.
I remember when you went through the same font crisis with your wedding invitations etc. I hope this one is resolved as successfully!
PS When I made Curtis read it he pouted and asked what was wrong with Times New Roman.
PPS Typing this out has made me realize that I always thought the font was New Times Roman, oops.

ho_ said...

gezus did you use a handwriting typeface for your signature? xD

Personally, I used Gills Sans Light for my resume..

April said...

Kanette, I actually have seen TNR on a few tumblr posts, and it totally tripped me up. I personally agree with Curtis-- there's not really anything wrong with it. It just became too mainstream for the design world; 90% of our self-worth is based upon how 'individual' we feel ; )

Ho-- yes I did. Luna Bar. It's also what we used on all our wedding invitations, as Kanette referenced. I'm a wee bit obsessed, even two years later.

& I also really, really love Gill Sans. (But I thought you advised me to "serif the body text?")

Married In Chicago said...

I heart georgia. but, I never feel like it is "professional" enough. I have to use times new roman for everything related to school (boring), but I never even thought about using another font for my CV. So dish - what is the best font to use?

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

I am speechless! That was hilarious...all I can really say is "LOL!"

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

One more thing! I adore your honesty with a big of humor mixed in...always makes me smile and think "dang, I wish I could blog like that!"

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

*oops I meant to say "bit" instead of "big." sorry...

Kim B. said...

I'm usually kind of a HUGE geek, but I have to admit to having no idea about serif or no serif fonts. None the less, this is fantastic.

April said...

Thanks, Kelley!! I know we have slightly different blogging styles, but I think yours suits you perfectly! Just keep being your charming self : )

Hey miss Married, I don't think there's anything wrong with Georgia (especially because the numbers are SO BEAUTIFUL). However, if you don't feel like it's formal enough, definitely pick something else that makes you feel really confident!

If you like sans-serifs, I recommend trying Gill Sans/Gill Sans Light, or Helvetica/Helvetica Neue (if you have a Mac).

For serifed, try Bell MT, Century, Garamond, Georgia, pretty much anything other than those typewriter-looking fonts. (They're cool for other stuff, but not for resumes/CVs.)

Also, consider making the font smaller than 12-point; I think it makes it look more professional. (But definitely space the lines to 1.5 or 2 if you do this.)

Good luck! You have my email address if you want to send me the whole thing for formatting ideas : )

Kristie said...

That flowchart is awesome, if a bit hard to sort through. The best is look at the invitation thread, choose not handwritten, and not fancy. Brilliant.

Claire said...

April, this is freaking hilarious, I couldn't stop snickering at my desk!

vojacque said...

haha, i love this. definitely made me laugh reading line after line.

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

You are amazing. I love love love this :)
Please tell me you actually sent this?! xo

April said...

Thanks, amigas!! I swear, I lucked out with some of the best commenters on all the internet.

Rhi, I'm beginning to consider it. I already sent my stuff out, but I guess I could attach it to a follow-up email...? Heehee I'll keep you updated : )

Mariel Sarah said...

Hahaha - loved this post. Found you on 20SB.

But you missed mentioning the one font WORSE than comic sans...Papyrus. Unfortunately, many people take this font to be "exotic" or reminiscent of ancient times (i've seen it on multiple church bulletins), but the reality is that it has just become a mockery of itself.

Look forward to reading more geekery!!

April said...

Mariel, believe me, I was tempted!! I'm glad at least someone mentioned it : )

Have you seen THIS epic pairing?!