Wednesday, October 6

What's black, white, and red all over?

Our apartment.

Bad news? It's furnished... à la 1999 IKEA "Mid-Century Post-Modern" hip. Guess my personal aesthetics aren't too funky-fresh, eh?

Good news? It's furnished! We didn't have to bring our couch on the airplane.

Meet our living room:
Why, heLLO, handsome.

And another angle:

He looks pretty good from this angle, too.

It's pretty ironic how our Eugene apartment has TONS of stuff and very little storage. Then, we come here with almost nothing, and behold the most glorious abundance of built-in shelving known to man.

See the empty bookcase? It looks sad and hungry, yes? So I ransacked the apartment for things left behind. So far, our pseudo-belongings proudly on display include two tennis rackets, the seventh Harry Potter book, and a 1,200-piece Marilyn Monroe puzzle.

As much as I'd love to turn this blog into an INSPIRATIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN MAKEOVER EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!, (seriously, I really would), we're only here until December.  Not that it would take that long (are you kidding me?? I'd "Martha-Stewart-meets-Tasmanian-Devil" this place), but it would kind of be money down the drain because we wouldn't take much of it back with us.

So no IKEA sprees for me. Even though we're merely a train ride away from the original IKEA in Stockholm. (*bites lip...)

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ashnic05 said...

It's amazing you're in Sweden! I just moved and my apartment looks quite similar to yours in that my shelves and cupboards are empty, still being in boxes. Interested to see more blogging! :)