Tuesday, October 26

Elevator Music

The posts have been a wee sparse lately because we've been so busy rampaging around... so while we take a few days to document it all for you, here's a lazy post full of the BEST THINGS ON THE INTERNET (in our humble, yet insistent, opinions):

How appropriate.

Very sad that we're not able to do the annual Halloween party this year, because we'd stop at nothing to make this happen in our apartment.

And if you've got a house of your own, please do this and this  so we can live vicariously through you.

A little perspective. (There may be a few ads to ignore at first-- then click "play," and use the scrollbar at the bottom.)

If you have a twisted sense of humor, this will never get old.

Daily instant karma!

Once I get my schmidt together, you'll get to hear allll about our latest misadventures: Science, Stereotypes, Survival, and Apartment Makeover Extravaganza!!!

And in other news, IT SNOWED!!
Snow brings out the ecstatic, flake-chomping puppy inside Jason (which makes me happier than the snow itself).

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Mom Matthews said...

Jason was doomed to be a "flake-chomping puppy" and I'm glad it makes April so happy:)