Thursday, January 6

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Repeat to self:

...this is not a craft blog, this is not a craft blog...

aw, hell. Sure it is. It just also happens to be a travel blog and cooking blog and photography blog and a blargy-blog (I'll let you decide the appropriate link for that one).

The reason that everybody should come live in Eugene is that the University bookstore sells paper. Glooorious paper.

Paper that should, theoretically, make homemade Christmas cards a cinch... unless you have a brain hellbent on over-complicating projects until you end up spending many a late night tearing your hair out over them crafting them with loving care. (It really was a bit of both-- story of my life.)

[click on any of the pictures to zooOOm]

Most of the birdies said this...
Until I realized that I had these stickers, and decided that the birdies had definitely been bug-eyed partridges all along.
'I freaking LOVE PEARS'
Half the time I was chuckling to myself over these crazy birds.

I found the perfect little elvish font...
And ALLLMOST forgot to blur out the addresses before posting. Eek.

....And drew a little squirrel using its tail as a blanket. Looks like Santa visited, too!
Cute overload.

So: if you didn't get one this year, I either have the wrong address for you, or no address at all. If you want one next year, email me at so we can exchange addresses!


Nick Nieto said...

those are some awesome cards!

Claire said...

Mine was pretty freakin' awesome, I loved it! Art even posted it on the fridge, hehe

Sam said...

I loved the "elfish" font. I ripped my name out and saved it so that I can re-use it. I thought you would like that since you are a dirty little hippie Willow.

April said...

Aww I'm glad you guys like them!!

Sam, you can download the font for free:

I can't believe I just gave you a link to a free font website. I'm so sorry. Say goodbye to your life as you currently know it.

Sam said...

Wow, thank you April!

Kelley said...

I love these - very cute!!!

Kristie said...

I did not know you drew that little squirrel. I cannot even handle you. I am having twinges of very well-meaning jealousy.

L.Baker said...

I loved my card! I can't believe you had time to make Christmas cards and defeat Jet Lag. Bravo!