Friday, January 14

This is what we've done the last four months

Jan. 2: Drag our weary butts through the door, unpack for the fourth time in four months, and gaze upon what this packing-unpacking, packing-unpacking, packing-unpacking, packing-unpacking routine has done to our apartment.
I mean, we're lucky to have traveled so much, and we're happy to finally get back to our little love nest, but this...
This doesn't even show the SEVEN loads of laundry.
 and this?!
The stuff we moved out of the way for our sub-leaser... but how did it all fit in our apartment in the first place?!

Somebody get me a shovel!! Because now I know what we'll be doing for the NEXT four months.

P.S. (There's always a P.S., isn't there?) Here's my favorite picture from our Florida trip-- Jason is just NAILING that Jack Sparrow impression. Here's another good one. Okay, I'm just going to go make a facebook album.

....Instead of cleaning.


Jocelynn Gebhart Stacy Hsu said...

I spot your model from terminal studio! heehee!

April said...

I'm just counting my lucky stars that it ended up near the TOP of all those geological layers of mess...