Wednesday, January 26

This is getting bad

Last weekend my friend Stacy & I got together for a painting date (check out her super creative artwork here.) Lucky me, not only does she have a big adorable goof of a dog whom I followed around the whole time, but she also has four CHICKENS!

Meet Dogfood, Captain Morgan, Nugget, and Princess Parmesan:

Stacy's photos of her ladies : )

We just sat and watched them for about ten minutes-- or as she calls it, Chicken TV. Totally transfixing.

Apparently they really like hanging out around people, so she moved her work desk next to the big glass doors by the deck. She said they just sit outside the door and stare at her the whole time. Funniest mental image of the week, seriously. And sure enough, there's an artfully splattered Poop Zone a foot away from the door.

So now not only do I want dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, and a squirrel or two, but chickens are the latest coveted creature. I'm planning a full-"fledged" circus here.

(Bahahahhaa I "crack" myself up.)
(Okay, stopping. Sorry.)

Later that night at home, I excitedly told Jason about how "chickens like to stare at people!!!" Apparently this wasn't as hilarious to him as it was to me, so I just kind of trailed off and cut to the chase:

"Would you want chickens one day? Pleeease?"
"...Would we eat them?"
"What if they died?"
"NO! That's... that's just awkward."
"...What if they died around Thanksgiving?"


Ronda said...

you're gonna need a horse to herd all those critters little lady!

Claire said...

Roland and I share a birthday :)
and you'll have to meet my chickens or I'll just take some more photos of them...I've been meaning to do that.

Stacy said...

Yes Claire! I almost forgot about that! you and Roland are birthday twins. Aren't chickens hilarious to watch? Ours stopped laying because of the short days. Can't wait until they're back on laying schedule.

ho_ said...

1) Awesome pets list.
2) Stacy has some amazing stuff, holie awesome.
3) Hahahaha, I'm going to have to side with Jason on his opinions tho.

April said...

Ronda-- I like your thinking. A lot.

Claire, YES PLEASE to chicken photos. I haven't seen any since they were wee and fluffy!

Ho, I'll let you babysit the squirrels, since you did such a good job with the ratties : )

Sam said...

Tack told me a few nights ago that he wants 15 kittens named Doc. I asked him if he was going to number them, but he said, "No, they are all just Doc."

I don't know how that is going to work out.

He then mentioned that baby chickens are his absolute favorite, so we are going to need to get a few of those too and maybe some ducks.

I learned about his chicken fascination around Easter a couple of years ago when he made his Johnny Cash voice go up about 14 octaves because Adult Swim put a bunch of baby chicks on the screen. Then he started swearing excessively because that's what he does when something is so magical that he can't even express his overwhelming joy.

I'm telling you this because I'm thinking of shipping my crazy animal hoarder of a boyfriend to you and Jason's future ranch so that I can live in sanitation and peace.

danielle @ take heart said...

haha! i kinda have a soft spot for chickens. i dunno why :)

April said...

OMGsh. It just clicked that my profile picture has been a chicken all along. Somehow I didn't make that connection...

April said...

Sam, that's one of my all-time favorite stories about Tack : ) " I can live in sanitation and peace." You are too hilarious.