Tuesday, January 4

Bring it on, 2011.

There's something about making goals public that gives them that extra oomph, wouldn't you say?

My resolutions are pretty simple this year:

Waste less food. Don't judge, you do it too. Although I really will miss the array of "science experiments" sprouting in our refrigerator. Maybe I'll keep just a few "cultures"... I'll put them out on the back patio. Inside squirrel-proof cages.

Quadruple my efforts to get EMPLOYED! Man, do I miss doing architecture. It just massages my brain where the other stuff can't quite reach. (I hope you're making "squish-squish" sound effects.)

Employment will also yield many happy side-effects, such as being able to afford a house. Which will lead to more desired results such as being allowed to paint the walls cobalt blue and orange and poppy red and dusty lavender and fresh grass-green and bright white (no more of this "barely beige" sh*t, c'mon people... commit to either white or beige.) Anyhoo, yes-- I'm getting me-self a job ASAP.

Resolution number three: Consciously analyze whether I'm following the Golden Rule every single day. (I can't decide if this is a simple resolution, or an incredibly complicated one that will leave me awake at night wondering how often I should give people high-fives.*) But seriously, at the root of this resolution I will hopefully end up being more complimentary, straightforward, and supportive.

What's your top resolution this year? Do you have any tips for helping make mine happen?

And happy, happy 2011!!!!

*Because I LOOOOVE getting high-fives. But perhaps not everyone likes getting them as often as I do. So do I follow the Golden Rule by giving other people as many high-fives as I would want? Or do I follow the Golden Rule by trying to give everyone as many high-fives as would satisfy their own unique hand-slapping needs?

**The pictures don't have anything to do with New Year's resolutions. What they do have to do with is that on New Year's Eve I discovered that my shirt and the Christmas tree got along very prettily, and that I spent five minutes standing in front of the tree taking blurry pictures of my sequin-scaled stomach.


K-Bears said...


yes please.


April said...

ooh nice one lil'lady!! pretty soon you & I are going to have little sticky notes all over our bathroom mirrors ; )

Kristie said...

A useful addendum to the golden rule is "treat others how they want to be treated."

On the other hand (literally?), for every high-five that you give, you automatically get one back!

Recommendations to help you keep your resolutions: 1) start a compost for food scraps. Properly kept worm bins (vermiculture) are so clean and unsmelly that you can do it under your kitchen sink. 2) Keep being awesome. 3) See #2.

My New Year's Resolution every year is to quit smoking (pretty easy if you've never started, right?). I don't usually make resolutions for the new year, but I suppose I made some in late 2010 regarding doing more fun stuff and simplifying. Does that count?

Sam said...

I love how opposite we are. My New Year's resolution last year was to be more of a b*tch. By analyzing my dreams, I realized that nine times out of ten, I regretted not telling someone to go (you know what).In most of my dreams, I was saying/shouting all of the things that I wanted to express in real life but felt that I couldn't due to the strongly enforced "respect your elder's" law that is practically inscribed in stone in rural America or because I lacked the huevos to tell people how I really feel. I noticed that I regretted what I didn't say a lot more than what I did say. Per the usual, I kicked in and made up for my lack of backbone at the last minute by telling a distant cousin to mind her own beeswax when she tried to tell me that I needed to be a better daughter to my mother. I devised a truly epic comeback that was surprisingly curse free. Let me tell you, it felt GREAT!

On a totally unrelated note, I thought that the photographs were a zoom in of the compost cultures brewing in your fridge.

April said...

MY GRACIOUS I love your guys' comments. Every freakin' time.

Kristie-- Composting is absolutely fantastic advice. Definitely getting on that. Thanks!

Doing more fun stuff and simplifying, huh? You're already my role model for those two things, but I'm sure you've got plenty more up your sleeve!

Sam-- Your dreams sound intense, woman. I did say that I wanted to be more "straightforward" (because I want others to be that way to me, yadda yadda), which will probably result in bitchiness every now and then.

I wish I'd thought of taking pictures of fridge wildlife before I posted this...!

Sam said...

I'm so excited to see your rendition of bitchiness. I don't mean that in a condescending way at all. I just can't fathom it. You are so pure of heart and kind. I feel like if you were a bitch to someone it is because that person is the scum of the earth, and they certainly have it commin'.

I agree that sometimes the morally just thing to do is to tell someone what everyone is thinking about them. That way, you give them the opportunity to be a better person. (At least that's how I justify being a horrible, mean person on a regular basis). Maybe you should be a bitch to me.

My dreams are intense! I wish I got to fly around and eat Captain Crunch or be some sort of half-lion warrior princess, but no. I'm usually six years old and screaming at someone who wronged me. Craziness.

I love how you described the fridge cultures as "wild life." It makes me think of tiny cowboys mounting and riding fuzzy, little micro organism beasts. The beasts would have mismatched fangs, eyes too close together and big goofy smiles. The cowboys would have tiny hats, tiny boots tiny saddles and tiny lassos, which they would use to wrangle the little vermin. They would be going all Wild West all over the vacuum-sealed humus containers. I can think of few things more beautiful!

Sam said...


Kristie's comment about the high five was brilliant.