Saturday, January 8

All I want for Christmas are some REALLY SORE glutes

As nerdy as we may otherwise seem, Jason & I are helplessly addicted to our local Crossfit gym (there are 300 in the US). We tried it out last year, right before Sweden, and it is OFF THE HOOK amounts of fun. Guess who got themselves full-time memberships for Christmas? ; ) ; )
Mr. Matthews(er) amongst fellow curly-haired Crossfitters

It's like a PE class for big kids. (Some of you have probably stopped reading right there. The rest of you, who are Jocks-for-Life like us, are probably ready to sign on the dotted line, eh?) You do stuff like pullups, burpees (gawd, remember those?!), box-jumps, and slinging around kettlebells.

My muscles have been so insanely sore that I sound like a catastrophically constipated old man whenever I stand up (or sit down, or bend over, or turn my steering wheel...) This is coming from a chick who used to weight train with her body-builder mom back in high school. I'm not complaining, though; I'm such a jock that I like being sore.

Another perk to Crossfit, as illustrated by a recent conversation:

Crossfit Coach:   Hey, look who's back from Sweden!! Did you guys work out much
                             while you were gone?
Jason:                  Yeah, a little.
Myself:                 Nope. I love working out, but I need someone to yell in my face to get me to do it.
                             ( I point to the coach.)
Jason:                  Yeah, didn't think it would go over too well if I tried that.
Coach:                 (...awkwardly smiles, like this is something he doesn't really want to get in the 
                              middle of...)

Still, we totally imagined him going home that day and writing up a new ad pitch:

Eugene Crossfit: pay a professional to yell at your spouse!

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P.S. Stop giving me the suspicious side-eye. They're not giving me any free sweat sessions to write this.
P.P.S. With that said, every Saturday 10AM Eugene class is free to everyone!! Come so we can laugh at each other : )