Thursday, December 2

Well. Embarrassing confession time.

Not that that seems to be the trend around here or anything.

Sometimes I walk around and look at tiny plants and imagine where I would like to hang out if I were a mouse.

This would totally be the party bush.

Better avoid this vicious thing, though.

You can picture the overactive-imagination explosion when I stumbled upon a greenhouse.

Mouse-me would totally rock these pink fairy feather boas. While lounging on the lily-pad. I would be a very fat mouse, if that helps your mental image.
That treehouse looks just the right size, too. And of course I would be super tight with the locals.


Sam said...

Did you take these yourself?

Kristie said...

WHAT is that bird?? I love it.

Also: kittttiiiies...!

April said...

@ Sam... yes. I take hundreds and then delete all but 20 : ) (Except Jason took the bird one which I love.)

@ Kristie: I have no idea but there were a ton of them in there. They ran around like quails and made tiny little peeping noises. Can you believe how small its head is?!

And this kitty would crack you up. She follows me around, and then whenever I try to pet her she flips onto her back and play-attacks me. That top-left picture makes me laugh : ) She hopped up there and then watched me from that position with her tail swishing.

Kelley said...

These photos are amazing April! You miiiight want to consider becoming a "professional" photographer on the side - just a side note :) hehe.

April said...

Thanks Kel!! I feel like I have a lot to learn still, but it sure is fun : )