Friday, January 28

Does. Not. Compute.

This is what we had for dinner tonight...


As in: I cooked it once, we ate it, and I cooked the same thing all over again. We literally don't have enough pans, nor room on our stove, to feed the two of us. Thank goodness Jason is the world's most prolific dishwasher.

But where I'm going with this is: what happens when the Matthews-ers "multiply?"
(Man, I'm bad with the puns this week. Sorry.)

Seriously. How is this going to work? The kiddos are inevitably going to inherit these appetites. Not to mention, this is NOTHING compared to high school...*

How in the blistering blazes are we supposed to feed three or four of these calorie-burning weirdos?? (Ourselves included, I'm not that insane.)

Bacon? Donuts? Milkshakes? Deep-fried pizza?
Or maybe by then, our metabolisms will have plummeted and I'll be kicking myself in the arse for writing this.

But just for now, with the two of us-- any tips on how to make more food all at once?

*(Oh, high school. The good ol' days of stuffing half an extra-large pizza in my face before I even got home from Pizza Hut. 
Also the days of visiting Jason's house after track practice, unannounced, and greeting his mom standing over the stove cooking dinner... the poor woman's eyes would widen like a deer in headlights as I walked through the door, and she'd automatically rip open a second bag of pasta to dump into the pot.) (THANK. YOU. for putting up with me, SandiMama!)


Markie said...

My advice would be to get bigger pans? :)
Adam and I are pretty heavy eaters as well. Our excuse is that we are tall. I don't know how that would make any sense... but it helps us feel better.

April said...

Yeah, we're pretty tall too, and also like to run around and spazz out and call it exercise.

I really really dislike using the oven (I think I like the stove because I tinker with the food and add more stuff as it cooks-- helloooo, control freak!!). But I think I'm going to have to get over myself and learn to use the scary thing beneath the stove... ; )

Kristie said...

The oven is great for roasting veggies, plus you get to take them out every 15 minutes to stir them up-- so you keep in control ;) Winter veggies are especially tasty roasted: carrots, parsnips, winter squash (delicata are great b/c you don't have to peel them), potatoes of all kinds... and they're not quite in season any more, but roasted brussel sprouts are to die for.

Kristie said...

Oh, and I definitely have that fear for the future of my metabolism-- it's either going to slow down and I won't notice until it's too late (which happens to many people) or it will just speed up and get worse (which happened to my dad, who I inherited this monster from).
Do either of you have other fantastic metabolizers in your families, or are you both anomalies?

April said...

MMmmmm roasted veggies... I need to do that more often. I have been microwaving yams, though. Does that count ? ; )

And yes, we both have some crazy metabolizers in the previous generation. His mom looks like a buff marathon runner without even exercising.

Mike H. said...

Oh you have some time. Eric has been eating big people food for a couple months. We just leave a few pieces for him. He can eat like no-ones business. The kids LOVES olives and cheese. Weird combo, but then he has me as a dad.

Don't worry too much. We ended up buying a house before multiplying. More room for dishes.

And I was almost all our pots and pans within a week (some multiple times) and now have bottles in there too. About 5 per day.