Friday, January 21

Well, color me amazed.

A tiny piece of heaven snuck out last night.
Threw quite the little party.

{You know the drill-- click to zoom.}

People were literally pulling their cars over to the side of the road to just sit and look at it. A man saw me taking pictures, and handed me his business card so I could email them to him.

I couldn't decide whether I should keep taking pictures, or just plop down in the muddy grass and take it all in. So I did a little bit of both.

     Dear Heaven,


        Eugene, OR


Sam said...


L.Baker said...

When Sam talks about her Armageddon tree, I always imagine this sky with it. Amazing! I'm glad you took pictures!

April said...

I totally agree, Lauren!
And goes without saying, I agree with you too Sam ; )