Monday, January 24

I've got The Fever

I've got it bad. Just not for human babies.

But now I understand what baby fever feels like... because I've got FURBABY FEVER.   Every time I see a dog, I muffle myself from asking the stranger on the other end of the leash if they need a dogsitter. I slow my speed creepishly as I drive past the pound, telling myself it will only make things worse to "just go in and look." I'm even ready to raise some wild rat babies again... but that's a whole different blog post.

I'm starting to have weird dreams, too:
(Totally ridiculous, right? I mean, there's NO WAY my boobs will ever be that big.)

And then don't even get me started on Jason's obsession with cats. One night I was hanging out with a friend and her new baby kitten, and I called Jason to make him jealous. It started out as a normal conversation, and then I decided to drop the bomb:

"So guess what I'm doing right now, Jay? I get to play with Sara's brand-new little KITTEN!!" (Gosh, I can be really mean sometimes.)

"WhhHHAT??" he gasps, after the stunned silence required to wrap his mind around such a miracle.

"Yup! She's only a couple weeks old, and she's stripey with big blue eyes, and she's still got that really big, round, cute kitten belly."

"Awww..." (His voice is reduced to barely a whisper at the thought of this little furball.) And then he says, tenderly, his voice almost cracking with sincerity,
"Send her ALL my love."

To this day that is the funniest thing I have ever heard Jason say. I know, I'm lucky to have snagged such a sweet and caring guy-- but I have serious concerns that once we get a cat, it will get more cuddle-time than me. The man LOVES CATS.

For now, though, we can't have any pets in our apartment. We can only have stupid "aquarium fish," and to me, those might as well be houseplants. (So keep them away, because I quickly & efficiently kill everything in that category within a month. Our apartment is a sad collection of brown leaves.)

I can't wait until we can buy our very own, VERY fur-and-claw-and-bark-and-chew-and-poop-stain-friendly house. Because at this rate, I'll start hoarding mice in our bathtub within the month. And then they'll multiply. And then we'll get evicted, and we'll live under a bridge with 28 mice on leashes. And I need to STOP with this little story because I'm getting all warm-and-fuzzy-excited over the idea of 28 mice on leashes.


jenne said...

i'm not even a rodent fan, & IIII want 28 mice on leashes! how cute! anyway, i know exactly what you mean, & i'm the most ridiculous animal lover i know. i don't think there's a dog out there that goes untouched by my drooling-over & comments like "AAWWWW, PUPPYYYYY!!!" need another dog very, very soon. human, they're cute, but they can wait...a LONG TIME. love the cartoon, too! :P

Griff said...

Hahaha. You can borrow Shasta if you'd like. I bet she'd like Oregon, and probably would like to visit her namesake.

Markie said...

Me and your husband have something in common I see.
Lately, I have cat mania. It's a disease. But how can you not?! They're so FLUFFY!
Also, I have baby fever... but more of the human kind :)

Sam said...

My love for both of you just keeps growing.

Kristie said...

Omg April I had a dream last night that I was a single mother who gave birth to a cat. Also I was not a very good mother to it. I was also significantly less interested in the cat-baby than I would ever be in real life (if this happened in real life, I would be the best friggin mother ever!)