Tuesday, July 5

Good news, bad news

First of all, HAPPY 5TH OF JULY!!! Today is the day when all the fireworks go on 75%-off clearance and I get to load up for the rest of the year. Yesssssssss.

& I hope you all had a happy 4th of July, as well. But I'm really mostly just glad that it leads to the 5th of July.

So, for the bad news today: I think I broke my toe at work Friday (lifeguarding). My friend says I should tell people that I kicked a naughty kid in the face, but alas... it's not quite that blog-worthy. I tripped, kicked a pole, & felt an ominous little snap in my foot (sound effect!).

I looked down & saw a crooked little toe, then my foot promptly swelled up & turned blue just like Violet Beauregard when she HAD to try that damn Willy Wonka gum. Time to take it to the juicer?

After hobbling around all weekend, I've never felt more grateful for being a (usually) able-bodied person who can walk faster than one mile an hour. I went to the grocery store last night, and was sorely tempted to steal a shopping cart to use as a walker for the rest of the week.

As for the good news? Thanks to moving our mattress to the living room, we've discovered Jason can do a stunning impression of Pepé Le Pew.

(Unfortunately I am terrible at editing videos, so you're going to have to put up with my creepy slo-mo laughing at around 0:25.)

Because my broken toe & Jason bounding gracefully across our living room are SUCH related topics.

*That foot photo was for YOU, Lauren Anderson ; ) ; ) 
(I told you I know a creepish amount about you.)


Emma @ She Got Married said...

That pepe le pew is incredible.

And I'm sorry about your toe!!! Brett and his brother were competing with a seven year old girl this weekend over who could do a headstand on the pavement. He feel, smashed his heel, and is hobbling off to work right now.

Not who I will be said...

I've broken the same toe. Only thing you can really do about it is tape it to the toe next to it and wear comfy shoes. I broke mine when I was a nanny and it was really unpleasant running around after kids for the next week or so. Shoes and sneakers helped though.

Feel better little toe :(

Jeff said...

The video didn't work for me. I'm sad about it.

I like the idea of you walking around your house with a shopping cart as a walker. I'm picturing you trying to deal with that one wheel that never wants to go in the right direction. It's an amusing picture.

April said...

Emma-- ouch!! a heel injury could be bad, think of how many tiny little bones are in that thing! I hope it's not serious?

NWIWB-- I'm going to try that today, & my toe thanks you for the kind thoughts!

Jeff-- I think I fixed it now, as long as it doesn't get flagged for using an unauthorized song...? & your imagination is a little bit evil to give me a broken wheel : )

Claire said...

April, will you come sit at my desk and entertain me while I work. Studio with you was soo much more fun when you were around!

Kristie said...

Omg, that video is amazing. (Hit on video editing: usually you can set the volume for the video clip to mute).

I too have broken that toe. I was jumping (slowly, I wasn't even being rambunctious)off of a bunk bed. When I was, like, 16. Mine didn't swell as bad as yours, but basically I just taped it and wore sturdy shoes. And then two days later set off for a 4-week kayak trip (maybe not the smartest idea, but what are you gonna do).

Nanoinfinity said...

So... does he imitate other things Pepe does? Lots of French and flower bouquets?

I think you need a tiny cast for your toe. Not that it would help, but it would be adorable.
Here's a picture of a kitten for you. I hope you feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

I watched that video 4 times. It was just as funny each time.

Get well soon to your toe.

The Woven Moments said...

In the battle royale between the pathetic toe and the hilarious impression, the impression wins. Hands down.

Sorry toe.

April said...

I am SO glad you guys like the video... I was afraid grainy phone video wouldn't do it justice. But apparently the Hubster's awesomeness just shines on through : )

Thanks for the toe love!

& Claire, I miss studio with you too.

Nano, he definitely does ridiculous accents and over-the-top snuggles that I can't escape from : ) Thanks for the kitty-gram.

Moosers, I tried taping it today and it pulled the other toe crooked! Feisty little guy : )

April said...

p.s. got this comment on facebook...

Gabe said: "Strap discount fireworks to gimpy toe and blow it off. Problem solved."


Kristie said...

Omg I just saw the footnote you left for my sister.


Lauren said...

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks for that April, shining moment of my day.

but the video helps make up for it :)

Tumor Hater said...

i absolutly LOVE the sad face on the toe! thats hilarious. i didnt notice it when we met. it was soo good meeting you. you and jason are adorable.

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

Dang - I THINK you are right about your toe being broken :( Matt broke his toe once and I don't think there was anything he could do about it. No mini cast. I hope it heals up soon!

Jason is hilarious.

April said...

Kristie & Kelly S, 10 points each for noticing tiny little silly details!! (Kelly, I added the ': )' later...)

Kelley, I think I'm going to go to the doctor just in case there's anything they can do about it; us runners have to do some heavy-duty maintenance on our feet!

& Lauren... couldn't resist c;

Drea said...

Ahahahahahaha, Jason.
Pep le Pew ftw.

April, your toe! Indeed it does look sad! Even sans the face. :( I hope it's feeling better.

In other news, you're a lifeguard so you have wicked tan, right?

April said...

Drea, it's feeling a LOT better already. Woohoo! & yes, even SPF 30 is no match for 7 hours in the sun everyday... I've never been so tan in my life! I keep just holding my forearm in front of my face and staring at it perplexedly 8>

With my broken toe, brown skin, and all the other various injuries I haven't mentioned on here... I'm feeling a lot like Tom Sawyer this summer. Which is the best kind of summer, in my opinion : )

Sam said...

Only you could be so positive about a broken toe. I stub my toe, and I am pretty sure that God hates me. On another note, please please PLEASE make Jason do the lava lamp impression again and film that. I laugh every time I think about it and the face that he made when he "floated" back up to the top to turn into a new blob. BEST PLAYER CHARADES EVER! Sorry about all of the CAPS LOCK. I have to use it in my case notes at work to emphasize important information. Oh Lord, work is rubbing off on me. Gross! Get it off. Get it off!
Miss you kiddo.
All of my love,

Deusarino de Melo said...

I have no broken toes but I'm a lover of feet with the lirrle toe turned-uo, principally womwen feet. And bw the best whwn arw using stockings or pantyhose or similar. I'm not crazy I'm different...