Friday, July 8

If you like 'mooshy,' then this one's for you

This Sunday marks the two year anniversary of the wedding that made Jason the "Hubster," and myself... (I didn't realize this was an embarrassing word until I tried to type it on the internet).... "Wifey."

Two years! I do believe some high-fives will be in order on Sunday.

& just for nostalgia's sake, I'll post a little somethin'-somethin' from our wedding. Before we exchanged vows, rings, and a scandalous smooch, we read our hand-written "this-is-why-you're-awesome-and-why-I'm-puttin'-a-ring-on-it" looove letters. Someday I'm going to have to post the video of us reading this to each other, with all the giggles and sniffles, but for now, have fun reading!

Jason's went a little something like this:
I marry you because you are now part of my life. In all decisions, you are a consideration. In all joy, you are sharing. In all sorrow, support. I look forward to calling you my wife, mother of my children, and my lover.

I admire your love for learning, no matter what topic;

I admire your love for life, no matter how small that life is;

I admire how you understand others' situations, even if you disagree with them.

I love how you turn nature into a storybook-- with dialogue-- whenever we go on walks.

And most of all, I love how I've never gotten along with anyone as well as I've gotten along with you.

I want to grow old and gray with you, experiencing life with you by my side.

And mine went a little something like this:
Beginning today and lasting my lifetime, I'm choosing my husband, my sidekick, my devil's advocate, the father of my children, my cheerleader, coach, and teammate. And although huge decisions usually freeze me up, you've made this one pretty effortless:

Because your love of life and curiosity inspires everyone around you, like a big happy puppy. Except a really smart one.

Because you're always working to make yourself better, like when you stay up late on homework you've assigned yourself.

Because you put up with my quirks... like putting your toothbrush on the same side of the sink as mine, so they can be friends.

Because even after six years, I keep realizing you're even better looking than I first thought.

Because you help me see what's best for me, and sometimes I resist even though I know you're right. Even then, you don't give up. Your patience and love amazes me.

Because even though you make me feel on top of the world, you still ask me if you treat me well enough.

Thanks for making my biggest decision the easiest. We're going to take good care of each other.

Happy July 10th, Handsome Hubster. High five!


Not who I will be said...

Precious!! Congrats :)

Lacey said...

That was freaking sweet, and I'm not one for moosh normally. Aww you lil love birds! :) Happy Anniversary!

Kanette said...

I have tears in my eyes just like I did two years ago! You guys inspire me to find and ejoy love and life to its fullest! Congratulations!!!!!!

Jessica McLeod said...

Happy Anniversary, sweet girl! Here's to a million more! :)

Caitlin said...

This is too sweet! And I'm not sure if we've already discovered this or not, but we have the same anniversary! Though we got married on July 10, 2010 :) Glad to share our anniversary with such an awesome couple!

Jeff said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm not usually the mooshy type but this was precious. :)

Harrow said...

In your Index, Handsome Hubster is larger than FOOD. If that isn't strong evidence, I don't know what is....

April said...

You guys are awesome, thanks!!
& Holly, I'll have to point that out to him. He'll be floored ; )
Caitlin, happy anniversary weekend!
Kanettey, you are SO SWEET. Thanks for being there the first time : )

Tumor Hater said...

oh my goodness i love this. wiping my tears. i do LOVE moosh. if you arent careful i bet your tooth brushes may fall in love as well ;)

Markie said...

Happy anniversary!
I love marriage, don't you? It's pretty stinkin, ridiculously fun to spend your life with someone who knows about all your crap and loves you anyway (and sometimes loves you even more because of it!)

April said...

Kelly, glad to hear you're a fellow sap : )
& Markie, YES. Well said!

Sam said...

First of all, get a room! GROSS!

I'm just kidding of course.

I witnessed the exchange of these vows live and in-person and enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the toothbrush part even though it made me think of all the hair that is probably mangled into the bristles if the tooth brushes are just hanging out next to the sink without being properly secured in a holder. It still didn't ruin my appetite for cake, which is always my #1 concern when I'm at a wedding, but I'm rambling...

What I meant to say was: Happy Anniversary you PDA mother cluckers.

I love you lil' chickens. In the words of the great Connor Oberst, "I love [your] love and I am thankful that someone received the prize that was promised by all the fair tales that drugged us."


Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

Just. About. Made. Me. Cry.

I think my heart melted a little bit too. I love, love :)

Kristie said...

(Hellooooo from Taos, NM!!)

I second Kanette. I did not expect to get all girly and choked up at your wedding until you two whipped out THIS number.

You're still the cutest couple ever!

Jacqueline H. Vo said...

awww, happy anniversary! :)