Friday, July 29

Bachelorette Pad

Jason's been in Florida for a week-long Physics conference (he calls it The Big-Kid Science Fair). (I hope there are ribbons.)

Since he left, I've realized: that kid keeps me in LINE. Granted, I exhaust myself every day trying to wrangle little toddlers into something that resembles swimming lessons, but damn. I haven't washed a single dish since Saturday. I'm... building a monument to the Dish Gods?
My mom-in-law has a magnet that says, "I wish they made kitchens that flushed." Amen to THAT, SandiMama.

At least Sally the Soap seems excited about the situation!
...really, really excited.

The mysterious thing about all these dishes is that I haven't really cooked much, either. Normally I pretend like I'm some fancy pro chef and cook elaborate dinners every night, but this week?

& the only reason I put it on a plate was so that I could take a photo of it. Fine dining at its fine dining-est.

Fuel for the champion lifeguard/swim instructor. AH DO WHUT AH WAWNT.

I haven't put away a single article of clothing that I've worn. Actually, I haven't even put anything away that I took out just to consider wearing.

And who needs showers when I marinate in chlorinated water all day?

It's getting reeeeeally Klassy over here. And I have less than a day to try to clean it all up (including myself)... wish me luck.

[On Monday, I will tell the epic tale of why I'm literally afraid for my life to wash dishes in this apartment. Literally afraid for my life. There will be illustrations... you might want to get excited.]


Jeff said...

I have two things to say to this.

1. Bacon and strawberries sounds like the best meal ever.

2. I'm excited for Monday.

April said...

1. It was.
2. Me too.
; )

Caitlin said...

I am relatively sure I would eat like a four year old if I wasn't married to Rob, haha! Love all your posts :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way when my hubby leaves me alone. Love Sally the Soap and LOVE your bacon/strawberry meal. YUMZO.

Jamie Pilgrim said...

Oh lady, you have a way with words! haha, and I love your fine dining choice of bacon and strawberries. Is it sad that I actually find that very appetizing?

April said...

Okay guys, you've got me convinced to serve this next time I have people over for dinner : )

Sam said...

Just leave the dishes until Jason gets home. I just leave the dishes in my sink, and they magically disappear whenever Sam has a day off. It's amazing! I use his OCD against him on a regular basis. I know one of us is going to cave, and it ain't gunna be me!

Anonymous said...

Still love Sally the Soap. :)

You should make a ribbon for Jason. He'd probably be pretty stoked about it. I know I would be.

Lozzz123 said...

Hehehe love the dishwashing soap. I wish I could be that excited about washing up!

Nanoinfinity said...

The best thing about being an adult is being able to eat whatever you want in whatever order you desire.


This is literally THE BEST thing about being an adult. I regularly eat cookies right before dinner and show off to an imaginary version of my mother while doing so.

Sam said...

Aprily-Anne! It's Monday. What gives mi hija? It's time for some part 2 action. We have all been holding our breaths and balancing on the edges of our seats for DAYS! Yes, I really do not have ANYTHING better to do than to internet stalk your blog. I forget that I'm 2 hours ahead of you now, but that's no excuse.

April said...

eeeeeep sorry Sam/everybody else! I got off work late & still have a few drawings to finish. 10PM tonight, for sure.

Jessica said...

Thanks for making me laugh, truly love this blog and you!

Lorraine said...

Dude I had dates and bacon at a restaurant once and I'm pretty sure I died, went to heaven, came back, and kept stuffing my face with dates and bacon.

Strawberries sounds good too. :)


little said...

that is an insane amount of dishes. i would be scared that it would become a dish monster.

love, little.