Friday, July 15

Pretend Tumblr

I had NO CLUE it would be this hard to post regularly with a job/side projects/when I want to spend all my spare time frolicking in the glorious summer sunshine. Wow, kids. Wow. Thanks for sticking around.

The silly thing is, whenever I go online nowadays I think,
"Dude, I would have a blast with a Twitter account,"
and, more even more frequently,
"How on earth do I not have a Tumblr yet?"

Because I would spend ALL DAY AND NIGHT collecting pretty pictures, animals, and geeky things:

And of course...

*end tumble spree.
That helped a little... but still, I'm tempted. Maybe once the sun starts hibernating again, I'll reconsider?



Lacey said...

I don't really know what Tumblr is, nor do I wanna venture over and find out b/c the last thing I need is another social networkingish thing. BUT, if this is what I'm missing, then I'm missing out. The cat/table picture up there got a for real LOL.

I say you just stay put here and have a fake Tumblr so that you can entertain me!

Caitlin said...

I have never understood the point of Tumblr, I prefer Pinterest personally! But these are hilarious, and thank you for sharing :)

The Woven Moments said...

Just saw the movie today. I still can't really talk about it...#sniffle

Karin said...

Tumblr is such a time trap. I made an account just to see what all the fuzz was about - and I'm stuck! I find it way more addicitve than both Facebook and Twitter combined. Run while you can! :O

Sam said...

Oh my God! I ALWAYS thought those hooks looked like octopi. Seriously, it is very hard for me to fight the urge not to draw eyes and tentacles on them whenever I see them. Glad someone agrees. Also, I'm glad that someone else sees all inanimate objects and drunk/angry. My inanimate objects are usually depressed or mad at me about something, as well. Especially my stuffed animals. They are ALWAYS pissed at me for being neglectful and putting them in boxes or leaving them shoved in between the mattress and the wall. Seriously, what a sad life to be a stuffed animal. It would be like being a whore. You get loved one night and then shoved aside until someone gets lonely again and picks you up to love on you for a brief moment. Oh my God, I need to stop. This is getting very, very sad. Sorry to bring everyone down from the fuzzy bunny buzz! I've always been a Buzz Killington. Mi mal. Anyway, I hope all is well. When you don't blog I feel this desert like distance between us where no vegetation can grow. Think of your legs and now think of the opposite of that! YEAH, that's what your doing to me. Now feel terrible. You know I'm just kidding. I love you my sweet darling. As you can tell, I'm CRAZY MANIC right now. All of my love, Samantha.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Haven't hoped on the Tumblr train yet...but I do love Pinterest! Have you checked that out's addicting! Love Alll the awesome pics you posted!

caitlin said...

yeah, need a pinterest account! i will invite you.

April said...

thanks Caitlin! I'm a little bit afraid... :>

& Sam aka "Buzz Killington"... WOMAN. I MISS YOU. I might just go shave my legs right now as a symbolic gesture of the desolate missingness between us.

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

I feel ya! Things have been so busy lately that posting regularly has been a difficult task. Add twitter and pinterest in the mix and it's just too much. How do people do all this stuff?

Anyway, I love the awesome assortment of photos you shared :)