Wednesday, June 22

Couldn't resist posting some vacation photos

Alternately titled "Two Matthews-ers, Swimsuit edition."

My sister & I just got back from a week in the Southern California sunshine! (So sorry ladies, no Handsome Hubster in this one). 

Our sweet grandma bought us some tickets to come visit her & the rest of our family near LA (yes, I'm yet another California-Oregon transplant kid).

We drove to the airport in true Pacific Northwest fashion-- windshield wipers battling the rain at top speed, bags packed optimistically with shorts & sandals, and pale legs coated in blotchy self-tanner.

Then we enjoyed six long, sunny days of:

-- boogey-boarding for hours (and the resulting traumatic sunburns),
(look! apparently I run like a raptor too) & (I hope Kelsey's okay with her butt on my blog) ('cause I know YOU guys are) (wink wink)

-- visiting with our uncle's family and soaking up all the cousin love we possibly could absorb,
got to see our awesome grandad on Father's day! Schweet. (In other news, B.F. meter has bumped up to a 6.25)

-- doing rascally things like taking a tour of all the nearby In-n-Outs at 1AM, and inventing a suuuuper mature "game" with my grandma's bathroom scale: how much weight can you lose by going to the bathroom? Kelsey won, with 4 POUNDS LOST in one... "sitting" (her strategy involved lots of water, then lots of coffee).
(Sorry. There's another "TMI" tag & "things that happen in the bathroom" tag for the tally.)
(My grandma didn't know we were playing this game. Now she does... Hi, Grandmom.)

-- and last but not least, somehow convincing our 70-year-old grandma to try boogey boarding.

Have I mentioned that summer is my favorite thing in the universe? Just the smell of sunscreen makes me giddy.

(Next up: part two of The Story of Hubster & Me, as told by Mr. Matthews-er himself!)


Not who I will be said...

Looks like a blast! I've never boogey boarded but I'd like to try sometime.

Markie said...

So good!
... that totally sounds like a game I would play. No joke.
Boogy boarding looks super fun. Being an Oregonian, and only having visited the super cold Oregon coast, I've never done it. ... Maybe someday.

And by the way (and at the risk of sounding like a mega-creeper) you and your sister both look pretty stinking good in bathing suits!

Caitlin said...

SO much fun. I'm with you on the smell of sunscreen!

April said...

You guys should definitely put boogey-boarding on your bucket list! It's one of those things that I can do for hours and not get sick of (much like eating chips & salsa).

& thank you Markie!! I was feeling kind of shy about posting so much nudity :>

Foxygen said...

Yowza! Crossfit girls can rock a bikini!

Foxygen said...

(and their sisters)

*although one of my sisters has gained some weight lately and she probably wouldn't rock a 2 piece right now

April said...

Thanks Robin! My philosophy is that if I can't have a girly chest, I can at least build up enough pecs to pretend : )

& my sister is allllmost convinced to stay in Eugene over the summer just so she can do Crossfit! hahaha it's so FREAKING ADDICTING.

Kristie said...

Omg, I used to go boogie boarding all the time! And bodysurfing (boogie boarding without the board... which can get a little painful if you aren't careful).

Thank you for posting this. I was starting to get depressed about going back to Florida again, but now I'm thinking about all the fun I'm gonna have at the beach. Like every single day.

(Also the last line about the smell of sunscreen makes me think of Modest Mouse's song "Summer" which includes the line "just the smell of summer can make me fall in love" :).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me jealous first thing in the morning. I wish lived by the coast.

The smell of sunblock makes me giddy too! Sometimes, when I'm buying a new brand, I have to open them and smell them to make sure they give me the same "summer's here" high!

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

Ah, sunshine and the beach! Sounds amazin' :) Looked like a blast. Great photos!

April said...

Kristie, I also spent most of my childhood summers bodyboarding... Nothing better than spending hours getting beaten to a pulp by the waves <3 I am 100% planning on visiting you in Florida and beaching it up!

Lindsay, sometimes I cheat & put on a little dab of sunscreen in the middle of winter. All day long, people say "you SMELL AMAZING!" Fun fun fun.

Sam said...

Way to look ridiculously hot in a bikini and pass it off like its no big deal. We all know what you are doing Kelsey and April! Glad you had fun. I miss the ocean.

Twad'dler said...

This post made me smile so much this morning. Looks like you had an awesome time!

αуℓα said...

dear lord, i'd give a broken toe for a weekend on the beach. i'm so tired of cold weather...