Wednesday, June 8

I should abandon my blog more often

I was such a grown-up this week! I ingested craploads of caffeine, averaged 5 hours of sleep a night, and MADE $#!& HAPPEN.

Exhibit A:                                                                                                                                                  

I revamped my professional portfolio! Want to see what Mrs. Matthews-er does for a living?*
*(by "for a living," I mean "is desperately seeking employment.")
I managed to reel in my squirrel-with-ADHD personality for the most part, but by the time I made the "Get in Touch" page, my squirrely side had started to leak out. Oh, well.

Exhibit B:                                                                                                                                                  

To hold me over in the meantime, I got a job as a lifeguard/swim instructor, and signed up to volunteer at an animal shelter! I am SO on my way to becoming a functioning member of society.

Fun fact: Apparently lifeguards get fired if we wear our uniform off-duty, in public. But the internet doesn't count as public... right?

On another note: I saw one of my old Architecture School professors the other day, and confessed that I didn't have a job yet, but couldn't search outside of town because the Hubster is still in school here. Her advice?  Move out of town and leave him here if I was serious about a career in architecture.

Sorry, Prof, I'm way too whipped for that. I guess I'll just continue to harrass the small handful of firms here in town.

And as for all of YOU, amigos, please instruct all your rich relatives to commission lots of new construction projects here in Eugene, Oregon. Much appreciated.


Emma @ She Got Married said...

She's probably single and lonely.

I'm whipped too.

But nice digital portfolio, that's super-down-to-business of you, I like it!

Drea said...

You're also on your way straight to heaven.

Precious and Jemily said...

You said a lot of big words on your website... well done... I am impressed! :)

I like that you're a smarty pants... who collects sticks :p

Power to the grown-ups, (just don't make a habit of it, you're making the rest of us look bad)

J x

The Woven Moments said...

So WHOA this website is impressive. Way to go, lady.

Can I share it on my FB page to see if anyone in my network is looking for architects? Or knows someone who is looking for architects?

Let's take this baby viral! :)

sugarmouse said...

i'm diggin that portfolio!! way to go, you :D and i think you being a lifeguard/swim instructor is wayyy cool!!! congrats and happy saving lives!

Nanoinfinity said...


Oops, I left the capslock key on and I'm too lazy to rewrite that.

Anyway, I love all your super-fly hover effects. It's very sleek and unique.

"Move out of town and leave him here if I was serious about a career in architecture."

My family keeps making hints about the same thing, and I'm like, "HAHA, no." and I make a serious face and they act surprised. I'm like, "Seriously? I'm sorry you've never been in love. >:("

Except I don't say that out loud.
But it WOULD put them in their place, the snarky jerks.


I hope you get some fat, juicy job offers. You certainly deserve it!

Caitlin said...

Sending you lots of job-offer wishes :) <3

Your posts make me laugh in a way I can't fully verbalize,'re awesome, and that's that. :)

April said...

Woven Moments-- OH HECK YES PLEASE. I'd be thrilled to do interior design, remodeling, architecture, graphic design/advertising, blog design, website design... heck I'll even do pet portraits if people want to send me a photograph!

I just like to make pretty things for people : ) You are the, thanks so much!

April said...

P&J-- wow, you're hardcore for reading the text! I was just thinking that you guys might like to look at the pretty pictures : ) But thanks amiga!

& thanks to everybody for your support! It's giving me a much-needed bravery boost for approaching architecture firms. I <3 you all.

Lacey said...

Congrats on getting shit done and all that. But the main thing I take from your blog everytime I come here is this: I'm totally jealous of your creative tags. Why do mine have to be so darn boring and yours are all 'confessions of geekery' and 'handsome hubster'. And even your most-creative-ever blog title makes me jealous. I can't be creative on demand like that and it makes me hate you a tiny bit! ;)

Markie said...

Very impressive! I love your site and I FORGOT how much of an AMAZING artist you are. Seriously. Ridiculous.

I like this blog. It makes me smile :D

Claire said...

April! This is awesome! I love it! I'm getting website envy...I think I need to redo mine!!

Congrats on the 'hold over' jobs, hopefully something turns up in town. One thing you might want to look into is to see if the University has a facilities, building management group, capital construction (similar to what i do) it wouldn't be straight architecture, I'd pester them and see if they have the need for a 'do-all' design/etc type person...

L.Baker said...

So funny! First of all, wish I were rocking the summer lifeguard/ swim instructor job!!! Seriously, I'm almost inspired to leave my job to do so. Teaching swim lessons was the best job, to date, I ever had! Don't forget sunblock!

April said...

Lauren, you must have been the most fun swim instructor those kids ever had!! That makes me smile just thinking about it : )