Friday, June 10

Our Story, Part I: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Public Spit-Swapping

[I promise we're not naked...?]
Eight years ago exactly, a 17-year old, curly-haired boy called a lanky, 16-year old girl, and asked if she wanted to go read in the park.

"That's ALL I want to do. The fifth Harry Potter is coming out in two weeks and I'm re-reading the series to prep for it... I forgot how amazing the Goblet of Fire is."

"Good idea! I'll bring my copy, too. "

Putting her hair in a ponytail in front of the bathroom mirror, she glared at her reflection and thought, "No boyfriends this summer. No boyfriends this summer. But he's really, really nice. No boyfriends this summer. But he has curly hair. No boyfriends this summer. But it felt so good to hug him the other day..."

She smiled. She caught herself smiling and punched the countertop. "NO BOYFRIENDS THIS SUMMER."

He'd brought a blanket, and they laid it out on a grassy hill at the park. They started reading their matching green books. Then, against the girl's claims that she couldn't stop reading it-- they started talking. Their faces got closer. No boyfriends this su.... dude's got some crazy-long eyelashes oh my gawsh he's gonna kiss me he's gonna kissmerightnow
He kissed her. It felt perfect. She kissed him back. A lot.

They were that sleazy couple making out in the park. She didn't care.
She'd never kissed anybody before officially "going out with them" before. That was okay too. In fact, it was pretty darn thrilling.
She was not a very good kisser. He didn't care. (Well, he thought it was pretty funny, but he didn't say anything.)

"So are we... 'together' now?" he asked, forehead against hers.
"I'd say so," she grinned.

Two years later, Jason admitted that I was a dorky kisser on that first "date." Eight years later, he's still a better kisser than I am. But I'd like to say that I've come a long way. (Considering that I'm 24, I've been practicing on him for a third of my life. How's THAT for some matth-ews-ing, eh?)

So that's Part 1 of our little "Love Story," amigos, and now I'm off to a romantical dinner to celebrate our eighth date-a-versary. I PROMISE that this will be the only one written in cheesarific third-person.

(Happy June 10th, Handsome Hubster. You make me excited to wake up every day.)


Deidre said...

Ok well, that's just the cutest story I've ever heard!! That's so sweet.

Lozzz123 said...

Awww! Very sweet indeed, with just a touch of TMI lol. Have a great date-a-versary!

My husband and I have been together for a bit over 8 years as well and also scandalous-ly kissed before going out! hehe

Caitlin said...

Too adorable. Harry Potter is amazing and so are you two. <33 Rob and I got together as teens too, I cringe to think of how freaking awkward it was! :)

ho_ said...


Get off the interwebs, go write a book or something.
Better yet, publish this blog at some point. Promise me you'll do that April. That would be AMAZIng and i would go and buy that right up. Word.

Drea said...

WHAT a cute post.
That's what happens when you tell yourself you can't have a boyfriend.
You find a soul mate.

Happened to me. And it'll continue to happen to every independent girl. ;)

The Woven Moments said...

matth-ews-ing. classic.

Markie said...

Awwwww! So CUTE!

I love love stories :D

Adrian Waller said...

So cute it makes me want to throw up a little. =) Just kidding!!!

So happy for you guys! We actually had our wedding on our first date-iversary, so that really helps with the whole remembering part of it. =)

Vertigo said...

I've just come blog-hopping and don't quite know where I came from. So hello.

Yours sounds like an adorable love story :)

Lacey said...

What a cute little story! And it's only part 1! I'm going to need to make up a cute story like that to tell our daughter one day because "I was drunk when I met your Daddy and he even called that very same night even though Mommy had dropped her phone in the toilet and didn't know he had called" isn't quite as romantic.


Sam said...


I agree with the previous statement, as I do not want to have to tell my future offspring that the reason their parents got together is that daddy told mommy about how he almost overdosed on drugs and spent the previous night in the hospital.

You see kids (in my Bob Saget voice), it broke mommy's heart to hear about this, so she put her hand on top of daddy's hand, which was on the stick shift of the Volvo that daddy would later crash into a tree when he was drunk driving because he had to leave the party to get a Black Flag record (he hit a deer if Grandpa Charlie ever asks). Anyway, mommy and daddy held hands and drove around all night, and then when daddy drove mommy to grandpa Ron's house, he stopped her as she was getting out of the car and said the most romantic thing that mommy had ever heard, "Wait, I gotta do somethin'." Then he leaned over and kissed her. And mommy laughed and turned away. Because honestly what the hell kind of pick up line is that? Then mommy told daddy he can't just go around kissing girls like that, and she sure as hell wasn't going to date no junkie. Then daddy stopped doing drugs cold turkey and they lived happily ever after.

I guess at least it has a happy ending.

Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! I love love! <3

Ashley said...

Aww that's so cute! And you were so focused on the fifth Harry Potter then in the end you found your true love! Happy Anniversary!!!

April said...

I'm loving these little snippets of your guys' romance novels!! : >

(and Sam, yours is still a snippet in proportion to the epic novel series you would write)

Joanna said...

This is adorable! And the fact that Harry Potter is included in the story makes it even better. :)

vojacque said...

this is such a sweet story. :) you seriously make my day with your stories! happy (belated) anniversary you two!