Friday, April 15

Elevator Music

Happy weekend, amigos!
I've had a fantastically busy week which has been terrible for blogging, but wonderful for, well, LIFE.

Here are a few links that have made me laugh, think, or do a double take:

And one random thought that's puzzled me this week*:
How the heck does Disney make us think one deer is a BOY deer and one deer is a GIRL deer? This fascinates me. Any ideas?
*picture me contemplating this as I stroke my silver chin hair. I named him Gandalf, FYI.

See you on Monday-- my talkative side has been bubbling up and is going to explode allll over this website next week. I have the most appealing way of phrasing things, I know.


vojacque said...

that selfless dog seriously just moved me to tears! reminds me of this loyal dog in the midst of devastation, if you haven't already seen it:

vojacque said...

and those ads are awesome! have a lovely weekend! :)

April said...

I hadn't seen that video yet; how bittersweet! So sad to see them shaking like that : ( Gosh, aren't dogs the most amazing animals?

Crystal said...

After years of working for Disney, I can say with confidence that it is all about the eyelashes. Swipe some mascara on any character and BAM! Chick.

April said...

aHA! I guess she does have one extra eyelash. What was your job with Disney??! I'm jealous.

(And I'm starting to notice that she's also a little bit more of a pink-ish color...?)

Emilee said...

great post! what brought tears to my eyes is that no one seemed to stop...granted they were driving fast and the clip was does seem like someone called it in; i have seen other videos about animals helping each other out and each time it brings me to tears. they can't even speak...they just act on their instinct. absolutely amazing! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Disney is so tricky... The most obvious differences are 1) the spiky bit of hair that Bambi has, 2) the ever-so-slightly longer eyelashes on the doe, and 3) the overall lighter color of the doe...not as 'rugged' or 'manly' as Bambi's color. (Or something like that.)


April said...

Emily-- I agree that that was so disturbing, watching all the cars fly by! I cringe every time I see a dog riding in the back of a truck : (

Alex-- aha! That makes a lot of sense. They're all so subtle, but together it makes for a definitely masculine little fawn.

Young People in Love said...

Woah. GOOD POINT on the bambi dilemma.

THAT's a mystery!... (say it with a Chris Farley voice)

April said...

I just noticed one more thing-- baby Bambi has some MANLY ear hair.

Sam said...

Bambi also has a mowhawk, and his eyes are brown, which for some reason seems manlier (sorry to all the sexy ladies with brown yes), and the doe has those Anglo-Saxon baby blues, that all those damn Americans seem to love so much. I agree with everyone else about the lashes, as well. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline. I don't know, but whatever it is, Disney seems to cash in on it big time! Also, Bambie's ears are all slicked back like James Dean. He probably has a comb in his back pocket, and the doe's ears are all perked up like you-know-what's or maybe just to mimic a hair bow. It's hard to say.

Sam said...

*brown eyes