Tuesday, April 19

Rainbow Recap & R-Rated Pictionary

As per the results of last week's Great Thematic Debate (thanks for everyone's input), Rainbow Birthday Party won the cause!
 Click-to-zoom? Highly encouraged.
(Seeing as I don't drink very often, one glass of beer severely disabled my camera skills, and I completely screwed up missed quite a few individual shots-- so here's the whole crew together.)

Check it out-- even the pizza was colorful.

This place wasn't called "Pizza Research Institute" for nothing-- yes, that's a peach slice. Sitting atop curried cauliflower.

After pizza, we spontaneously decided to cram everyone into our tiny apartment, where we did some serious damage on a giant jug of sangria and played Telephone Pictionary.

Telephone Pictionary, without fail, is THE Most Surefire Way to Get a Group of Six or More People into Complete Hysterics. (Yup. It's so official that it overcomes my laziness about hitting the shift key.)

You sit in a circle, and each person has a pad of paper. You write down your initial message-- for example, we chose to write down "song or book titles." Everyone passes their paper to the right, and the next person has to turn to the next page and draw it.

The next person in line must write what they think the drawing is. As it's passed around the circle, you alternate writing and drawing.

It gets screwed up REALLY fast.

Jason wrote down the song "Citizen Soldier" by 3 Doors Down. By the end, it had turned into the COMPLETE opposite. Flip through!

So from Jason's point of view, he wrote "Citizen Soldier" and, 12 turns later, received happy Jesus playing the guitar. Gooood times.

DON'T flip through this next one if you anticipate being offended by slightly censored F-bombs, and cartoonish illustrations of... uh... the aforementioned F-verb.

So, in the end, we had a good time and I highly recommend this game. My abs are still aching two days later.

Not to mention that sitting in our tiny little apartment, listening to the hysterical laughter of twelve of my favorite people, is definitely my idea of a good time.


Jessica McLeod said...

How flippin fun!! Smile a pretty smile when you see me celebrate my next birthday just.like.THAT. :)

April said...

Wow, that means a lot coming from you, Jessica! Your party games always look SO fun : )

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

All of the colorful outfits are great!!! Looks like you had a blast!

Nanoinfinity said...

You are officially the genius of the day! That sounds like a super hilarious game.

Though I disapprove of peaches on pizza. >.>

April said...

: ) Thanks, friends.

Nano, there weren't only peaches-- there were even potatoes and yams! & the first time I went, I even got corn!! Absolutely my favorite pizza place ever.

Nanoinfinity said...

Wait a second, aren't "rainbow parties" that thing Oprah did a hilariously misguided show about that one time? Where girls wear different color lipsticks and then perform oral sex on boys and in the end the boys' privates look like rainbows?


You sexual deviant, you.

April said...

WHHHAT??!!! Oh, NO.

More & more I'm realizing what a sheltered 24 years I've lived... and sometimes, like this time, I'm glad I evaded some of these experiences!

April said...

In other words, thanks, parents, for not letting me watch Oprah. Sexual deviant indeed.

Married In Chicago said...

Love! That game sounds awesome and I will be pulling it out at the night party we have. I imagine it only gets funnier the more drinks people have had :-)

Sam said...

I am glad you had such a great birthday! You guys all looked awesome! That game sounds like so much fun.