Friday, April 8

Birthday Battle: Dark Side vs. Rainbows

toughest duck face ever.

Even though my name is April, and I like ducks & bunnies, and my favorite color is white, and I've been called "bubbly" on more than one occasion-- I have a punk rocker side.

(Don't laugh! You'll hurt my inner punk-rocker's feelings.)

So considering this, and my favorite pastime (costume parties), I was thinking:

       pre-birthday-party @ my house
     +washable markers
     +colored hairspray
     +lots of safety pins
     +etc. (copious amounts of etc.)                                                   
       a wonderful excuse to have fake tattoos and
       colored hair for a night

And then this is where I get stumped. Go out to pizza and look ridiculous? Go play on a playground? Go bar-hopping and accidentally end up in the middle of a gang war?


But thennn, I stumbled across this Cup of Jo post:

and became torn with indecision.

Wouldn't it be fun to dress like this and have an Easter egg decorating party? (The ducks & bunnies side of me would have the time of her life.)

So, which shall it be? Decorating eggs or decorating people?
Please help us decide by voting:

And PLEASE don't say, "Whatever you want to do, April, it's your birthday." I am incapable of making heavy adult decisions like these.

Further ideas? Feel free to comment.
(If I only know you via blogging, feel free to chime in as well.)


Sam said...

If you do go the punk route, let me know ASAP, and I will express mail you the essentials of my fashion collection. You know I could really hook you up in that department. I got rid of a lot of great stuff, but I still have the essentials. I love this little debate because it is like the story of my daily dilemma. Do I stay in touch with the punk rocker goth chick of my younger years or let the rainbow flower child take over? Yesterday, I wore a bright blue dress with combat boots and an octopus bracelet because I just couldn't decide who I wanted to be.

Markie said...

Dude... I love dress up parties, but I am always afraid to do them because I'm worried people will be bumps on a log and not participate. But you've inspired me. I'm personally more Rainbow Bright than David Bowie... but it would probably be super fun to see all your friends dressed in awesome punk garb.
Good idea, girl.

vojacque said...

what about a punk-rock color-themed celebration?! :)

April said...

Sam, wearing "a bright blue dress with combat boots and an octopus bracelet" IS you : ) (I was just fondly remembering your combat boots, by the way... glad they're still getting out & about)

Markie, you're welcome to do the same thing if you'd like!

vojaque, I'm starting to lean towards your idea. Sounds like FUN. What color punk would you be?

Kristie said...

Too bad all of my punk and goth wear is back at with my parents! And I had quite a lot... including a bright red wig that would have been fun too! (And yes, I used to wear it to school on occasion).

I like the bright colors idea. Also pizza. Always pizza!

Married In Chicago said...

I voted for D, mainly because thats what I would want to do. This post is about me, right?

No? Oh.

Well, I still think the color idea is awesome. Thank of the pictures! The only part of it that I thought would be annoying is you having to change outfits every hour. Not enough time for pizza and drinks if you are changing your clothes all night :)

April said...

Kristie-- you've told me about the wig before, and sometimes, when I'm trying to describe how awesome you are to other people, that is one of the examples I use.

MiChic-- Agh, no WAY am I going to change colors every hour! I'm just going to be filled with angst for the next week trying to decide which color to wear. (Did I mention I'm indecisive?) : )

Kanette said...

Why don't we decorate ourselves like punked out easter eggs? Bunnies with mohawks and Duckies with pierced bills I think sounds awesome!

danielle @ take heart said...

i do love them both so much! but i voted rainbow :)