Monday, April 25

Social Media Monkey

The mister & I are pretty awful about keeping in touch with friends. We'd quickly wither away as creepy hermits if we didn't have such awesome (read: persistent) friends. In fact, we'd probably have our own creole language in about two years.
Some common phrases in the Matthews(er) household. (SO... maybe less than two years on that creole.)

Both Jason & I are those weirdos who initially seem shy-- and then friends get to know us, and they're like, "How do you manage to keep all this crazy bottled up all the time?"

As for Jason? I DON'T KNOW. (& in the meantime, the crazy just brews itself stronger & stronger every day like those percolating coffee gizmos.)*
*(It leaks out in the form of that wild curly hair, I guess.)

As for me? I DON'T keep it it bottled up-- at least not within the endless, uninhibiting funpark called the 'internet.' Friend me on Facebook and I might just overwhelm you with my prolific thumbs-upping voracity.

But today? Today... I hit a desperate new low of social media overload.

I'm trained. They trained me.

I hit [SHIFT]+[ENTER] to start a new line in an email.

Remember when Facebook implemented this new commenting system? I didn't deal with it well at first:
Oh, the futile irony of ranting about Facebook... on Facebook.

The F-Book developers gave us a little grace period, when the [SHIFT]+[ENTER] instructions magically appeared below the comment form. And then, just as we were getting the hang of it, they disappeared.

I formed a far-fetched theory that I hoped would prove false. I logged onto Jason's semi-abandoned facebook account, and LO AND BEHOLD, the instructions were still there.

The F-Book was counting, on AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS, how many comments we left before they removed their little training-wheel instructions.

I'm tempted to go back to the sad little ghost town that is MySpace.

Just me & you, Tom.
Prepare yourself for the full brunt of the crazy.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know the [shift] + [enter] thing either. I can put spaces in my comments again!

Michael Rhinehart said...

I'm not sure tom even uses MySpace anymore ,LOL

Nanoinfinity said...

Hehe; I learned Shift+Enter from MSN.

Less exciting alternate theory: Facebook rolls out UI changes incrementally, so when something is bugged in it, it only affects a portion of their userbase. When they do big UI overhauls, sometimes I don't see the change for weeks!

I'm totally with you on the creepy-hermit thing. And the weird language thing. I've trained all my friends to understand Nano-speak, but new people tend to take it up a bit slow...

Married In Chicago said...

AH! shift + enter! so simple! I've accidentally submitted more comments than i would care to admit. i must be extremely unobservant because i never noticed any sort of instructions on mine!

Jeff said...

I'm totally the same way, I sometimes seem shy at first but I'm just brewing stronger and stronger forms of crazy! I'm glad to know there are others like me out in the world.

April said...

I'm glad to have enlightened you guys about the shift+enter trick! now I can say this blog has served some sort of purpose! : ) (well, other than an outlet for the crazy)

Nano, it was still on his page when I checked yesterday (seriously, he NEVER goes on it). So I wrote on his wall as himself, then commented on it-- it disappeared after 5 replies. O.o

& I know what you mean about the UI rollouts-- sometimes, I'm like, "what the heck is everybody complaining about?!" >a week later> "...oh."

Sam said...

This was hilarious! I totally know how you feel with the bottled crazy. I had a day job in social services for a year, and I had to bottle so much crazy, that when I got laid off I became a complete, never-leave-the-house, have long conversations with my cat, paint birds on EVERYTHING I own crazy person.

The crazy is getting worse now that I am in Texas, and NEVER leave the house. I have made a total of two friends (in the month that I have lived here) and both of them are homeless because every time Ray or Sam bring someone to the house, I just projectile-vomit the crazy all over them.

"Oh my God hi. I'm Samantha. I live here. Do you want some cake? I love Skittles! I should go clean everything I see. I'm so glad you are here so I have someone to talk to. Will you talk to me? Will you be my friend?"

It never ends well...

Sarah said...

This post is great...I'm totally one of those shy people who likes to keep the crazy all bottled up! I'm also writing a blog all about Facebook and how creepy it can be. :)

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

LOL! I never noticed the instructions below the box, but apparently I needed those instructions. I found out the hard way that when I pushed "enter" it sent the message, therefore making me look like a weirdo who writes comments like, "Hey!" (with nothing else...who does that!?)

I am afraid that all of these "technological advancements" (for a lack of better words) are starting to lose me...

Anna said...

Charles and I have our own language too....sometimes I step back and ask if we really even know what we are saying! :) haha