Monday, February 7

Adding a little 'life' to the place

We got some nifty waterproof stickers for Christmas, and I decided to leave Jason a few little surprises around the house.

Because, really, the crock pot definitely needed to express its inner demented koala.

And Sally the Soap is now free to be her bubbly self.

Hank the milk jug... is Hank the milk jug.

"Who is this man, and why is he so willing to stick his finger there when his wife asks? Is it because all my stickers are on the camera side?"
(Hilarious that Jason already has one bandaged finger...)

Guests will be happy to find that the toilet is eager to accept your offerings.

Jason walked into the bathroom as I was affixing the toilet's face, and chuckled to himself while he picked up his electric razor.   "Too bad you can't put stickers on this, since the bottom gets wet."

"Turn it over, Jay...
..Meet Slim."


ho_ said...

Anthropomorphized household objects.
Studio desks need to be sound proofed so laughing at these things don't make us seem as insane.

Sam said...

The razor kind of has a mustache. te

Kristie said...

The hungry toilet is my favorite, f'sho.

Claire said...

OMG those are awesome...I may have to order some for my very blah workstation...The toilet one kinda creeps me out...he's licking his lips because of poo?

April said...

Ho, I'll be sure to bring you some of the leftover stickers to put on your drafting equipment so you can look even more insane ; )

Sam, YES. I didn't see that before, but it makes it so much better!!

Kei, I should've known you'd like that one. And Claire, you don't agree with her?! Ha. I thought about making the toilet look horrified, but then I'd feel bad every time I flushed. Don't you love how I'm discussing this as if I HAD to give the toilet a face?!

Kelley said...

Those stickers and the creative places you put them are awesome! You are too funny! I love your sense of humor!