Wednesday, August 10

In which I eventually get to the point of the post and formally invite you to... Ask Us Any Question You'd Like To Ask Us

Hiiii, friends. This is the first time I've gone a week without posting. How weird is it that it's the middle of summer, and I've never been busier in my whole life?!

...I don't know how I feel about this whole 'grown-up' business. But I LOVE my job (six-year-old me would have been THRILLLLED to know that 24-year-old me has a job that doesn't require shoes), and on top of that I have some side projects I'm really excited to show you soon.

EEEEEEEEE. Stands for "Excited."

SO. Guess what. We're going to one of our favorite places for the rest of the week. For the past six years, we've gotten to help coach a high school running camp at a lake (yes, the running camp where we got engaged). (Located at the exact same lake where we ran away, a week before our wedding, and took this photo...

I call it, "Taking the Plunge."

....end parenthesis?)

Most responsible people would plan ahead for this sort of out-of-town-and-I-can't-blog thing. They'd write up posts scheduled to publish in advance; they'd ask guest bloggers to submit something a month beforehand; they'd build a radio tower at said lake and grab themselves some internet service out of le beeg bleu sky.

But instead, here I am asking for a leeeetle help from my friends.

There comes a time in all blogs where they
run out of ideas for posts


You guys already know I love dishing, nay, spewing, the TMI. No question is off-limits, and--
oh hey, Grandma.
& Grandpa.
& Grandma-in-law.
You were hoping I'd forget you were there, eh? ; )

So no question is off-limits, but if it's a reeeeeally juicy one (I hope we get a few) I may have to reply via email instead of in a post. And I may regret this, but I'm okay with anonymous comments.

Mmkay. I'll see you guys next week.

P.S. Thanks for being awesome. I am totally floored that people continually come back to hear what I have to say. I really appreciate all of you. & I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs when I get back!


The Woven Moments said...

I say a blog-vacation is good for you every once in a while!

And a good question... hmmmmm.... you could go cheesey like, "If you were on a deserted island, what one item or person would you bring with you?" (No hubster, sorry.)

OR - what is your most embarrassing moment? (getting juicier)

OR - what's one thing you will NEVER talk about on your blog? And why?

Kristie said...

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?

Sam said...

When are you coming to visit me, and why is it not right now?

Jessica said...

Okay, now that you blog, how has it changed you/your life?
What's your all-time favorite food and WHY?
Do you do anything special before you blog, to, you know, get in the mood?

Kristie said...

I second Sam's question! Everyone come visit me and we'll all go to Harry Potter land at Universal.

Ashley said...

So, a good question for did you know he was the one?

The Woven Moments said...

Ummmm.... we miss you. You need to come back!

Anonymous said...

write something, Love dad

April said...

aaaack!! I never should have allowed myself a break.

Faith D. said...

Have fun! I want a job where I don't have to wear shoes. (pout) How do I find one of those?

Why is my dog quiet all day then start barking crazily at 4am?

Why does Internet Explorer 9 suck?

What's your favorite thing about your hubby?

Oh, and, I saw your bum! lol.

Okay, now it may be awkward.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda late here, but I appreciate that you finished your parentheses. It was bothering me for a brief moment, but it was resolved quickly.

One more reason to read your blog! You should utilize your ability to not forget that you're writing in parentheses & use it as a tagline. Or something.