Wednesday, May 18

This is how stylish I am.

what? I had mango stuck in my teeth.  or MAYBE THAT'S JUST HOW GANGSTA I REALLY AM
So stylish that I won an award for it.
Thanks to (the actually really super stylish) Jacqueline @ v o j a c q u e!

Hey, do you guys want to hear seven random facts about me?
Well today's your lucky day, because that's what I'm supposed to tell you when I get this award:

[1] White has been my favorite color since I learned its name in preschool, and I get more obsessed with it every year. (Second-favorite colors rotate on a daily basis, but are almost always delightfully loud and obnoxious.)
makes my heart go pitter-patter

[2] Speaking of loud & obnoxious, my favorite band? Metallica. I'm a sucker for anything minor-key-- even if they're screaming their larynxes out, it soothes me.

[3] ...but Brit-Brit has always come in a close second.

[4] As much as I want to go out and work my butt off and save the world, my whole life I've felt like I was born to have some kids and then love them a crazy amount. I doubt I'll ever be a stay-at-home-mom, but I also know that nothing will ever be more important than my family.

[5] I'm terrified of people who I can't read easily. That includes anyone wearing sunglasses.
(Or alternatively, Keanu Reeves without sunglasses.)

[6] I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm currently rehabbing 3 injuries: hip tendonitis, a shoulder strain, and a knee strain. This is how I now have to do pushups at the gym:
they're called rubber-band-assisted one-armed pushups. I'm such a badass little grandma.

[7] Jason was the first "boy" (yeah, it was that long ago) that I ever kissed without him being my official "boyfriend." But then we went and got married, so it ended up being not so scandalous after all. Oh, well. I tried.
first make-out sesh wasn't quite this dramatic :>
I could still just make out with that dude's face all day long. (Except that he's developed a lot more chin hair since 2003 and there would probably be scabs by the end of the day).

And now I'm supposed to list ten stylish little blargy-blargs, and by "stylish" I mean blargs that are new-ish blargs that I love & want to spread the word about [...alphabetical, yo]:
  • Adventures of a Ginger: This chick is kind of nuts, and more than "kind of" nerdy. Enjoy.
  • All Groan Up: a hilarious yet sincere attempt at figuring out what exactly growing up even... means...?
  • Beautiful Little Fool-- wacky, often vulgarity-strewn recollections of a young high-school teacher.
  • A Creative Beginning-- Super rad home renovation projects by my friend from Architecture school.
  • life is sweet. love is real.-- often goofy, stunningly introspective glimpse into the life of two head-over-heels newlyweds.
  • tumor-ey side of me-- A brave, beautiful, & faith-guided young woman's journey with a rare disease that grows hundreds of painful tumors on the nerves throughout her body. This chick's amazing.
  • Margo & Betty-- beautiful photography and crafts! Eye candy warning-- don't lick your screen.
  • Scrumptious Somethings-- JACKPOT blend of stylish, geeky, and romantical. I <3 this blog.
  • She Got Married-- all about being a newlywed; lately has been focusing on healthy & inexpensive meals. Makes meh hungreh.
  • True Colours-- I love me some deep introspection, and this blog's got it in spades.
           (I'll email all of you on the list tonight w/ full details!)

I'll get back on-track with regular posts soon, I just piled too much on my plate these past two weeks... and then got super sick on top of it.

However, recharge has almost completed.
(Evil cackle.) (With the aid of a sick raspy throat.)

[images] [1]  [2]  [3]  [4 (I drew it)]  [5]  [6]  [7]


Jeff said...


I love the gangsta mango pic. :)

Caitlin said...

Yayy, congrats on your award! I love your pushups, btw :)

caitlin said...

uhhh your Cheetah shirt is AMAZING!

April said...

thanks mrs. gillson milman!! :>
I'm rather proud of it.
So proud, in fact, that here's a second shot of it.

yay Goodwill <3

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

1. Rad shirt!
2. I love that you love Brit...for some reason you didn't strike me as Britney fan? Maybe it's because you don't have bleach blonde hair?
3. Are your injuries from running? I allow myself to go on 10 min. runs and that's all I can handle nowadays. Sad.

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

PS - I should mention that I've been checking back to your blog every hour to see when you've posted this post. I was anxiously awaiting it. You did good. I can now walk away from the computer satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Just adding to the consensus: that shirt is made of pure win. I want one.

Oh, and I'm first! *squeee* I don't care that it's alphabetical.

Nanoinfinity said...

So even when I feel restless and spend a couple of days staring blankly at all the blog posts I need to read but really don't want to sit still long enough to actually absorb, I check my reader multiple times a day just in case you posted something.

Because your posts make me smile.

I feel like I have to go... barbecue a steak and hammer something for a bit. *manly grunt*

But oh-mi-gawd, the blogs you passed the award on to are all so great.

Is it weird that I think my favourite colours are beige, brown, cream and grey? They're like white, but contaminated. Contamination makes them better.

PS you'd make a great mummy. Also a great mommy.

See what I did thar?

PPS One of those awesome, smart, funny crazy ones.

The Woven Moments said...

Congratulations! Well deserved!!

April said...

@ Kelley-- I was a closet Brit fan for a long, long time. Then I embraced it... excellent life decision :>

I'm so sad that you're in the 10-minute run club with me! The hip injury is from running, and the shoulder/knee injuries are from jumping into Crossfit too enthusiastically to begin with : (

& aww, shucks :> glad I could deliver! yours was fun to read too!

April said...

@Nano-- Looking at your blog design I never would have guessed that about your favorite colors! Funny!

P.S. you can totes be their e-aunt <3

sugarmouse said...

congrats on the award. and hopefully you're recovering nicely...

Beautiful Little Fool said...

Awww. Cold-hearted lil' old me?

I liked EVEN you more (a) when I saw the awesome shirt in the first picture (b) when you specified that you like anything "minor-key" (c) when I realized I got to watch britney move in a picture on your blog post (that will be why this post will has 8000 hits btws) and (d) that you're f*&^ing hardcore as hell.

Then I hit the end of the post and, well, what's your outlook on having internet sister-wives?

Emilee said...

rad post---

must agree about ranks 1st on my list--just edging out dusk blue(that blue ink spill mixed with turquoise-ish delicious color)

you are fantastic! hope your darn injuries heal soooooooon :)

Sam said...

1) So I'm guessing this whole fascination with white has something to do with me. Because everything obviously always has something to do with me. ; ) <---That's a winky face
(I never know if you are supposed to put the eyes or the smile first).

2) I will write to my sister and have her send you some volumes of her Mandatory Metallica mixes. She has like three different volumes that span their entire career. She is so obsessed with the Metallicats that she listened to them non-stop when Ryden was in the womb. Hence, (love that word) when Ryden was a itty-bitty baby I would have to blare "Fade to Black" to get him to stop crying when he missed his momma. He even has a baby Metallica CD that is done on zylaphone and is WAY more creepy than just the regular ol' Metalica, but is still super cool. Here is a link:

I personally like the Led Zeppelin one better, but this one is awesome too. The Zeppelin one makes good fancy dinner music.

3) I obviously love the jaguar shirt!

All of my love,

April said...

@BLF-- I think the reason I have so many injuries is that I'm "f*&^ing hardcore as hell"... but it's not like I know how to stop or anything. Oh, well. & as for sister wives, my kids are going to have a really weird upbringing with the two of you ; ) I like it.

@Em-- I know exactly what blue you're talking about. Mmmm. & I hope I heal soon too!!

@Sam-- PAHAHA those xylophone versions are totally creepy!! But at least they're better than hearing actual lyrics... p.s. I just found a church organ cover, and it's somehow less creepy than xylophones. How does that work?!

Emma @ She Got Married said...

AH! I love you! Thanks thanks! If you're ever in town, you'll have to come by for some homebrew and good food!

But now I should get back to posting my meals. Because I've been a slacker.

Deidre said...

Seriously, that wedding picture is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Love it.

vojacque said...

awww, you are so sweet! and i love your seven facts. five and six are hilarious; you seriously make my day with your humor. :) and seven is just so sweet. i'm a lover of white and loves working out to Britney!

Ashley said...

That sucks having to get through injuries but you can do it at least you are trying.

Drea said...

This is the bomb-diggity.
Love love love your list of things about yourself. I love the lists people have been coming up with! So unique.

Also, your blog? ADORABLE. So glad I found it. :3

Sophie said...

I'm so glad that I came across your post for this award - I was awarded one this week and wanted some ideas!
Great blog by the way! Found it today via 20sb - will definitely be back! :D