Friday, May 13

I am a pathetic ball of pathetic-ness and melodramatic-ness

I wrote a post last night but blogger deleted it. It was about sticks. It was weird. But you guys are weird too, so you might've liked it.

(***EDIT: hey, whaddddaya know. As soon as I finish this new post, the old one magically reappears.)
Enjoy some random photos from Easter. I'm not even trying to pretend I've got my 'ish together, amigos.

I am sick. So very, very sick. Sick in the lungs. Lungs are dying.

Despite this, I have to go to Lifeguarding Certification Class all week from 4pm-8pm and shiver in a cold pool and try not to hack my lungs out the whole time while dragging people up from the deep end.  Tomorrow's special Saturday class of specialness is eight hours long. Hopefully no one has to lifeguard-me-for-realsies up from the bottom of the pool.

Jason is stuck in his lab experimentating on stuff from 10am-2am every day, beginning two weeks ago and lasting three more from now. I meeesh him.

We're running out of groceries and somehow I have to drag myself to the store to feed myself. There are several other things on my to do list, such as finishing my architecture website by Monday. Haaaaa.

Oh, my wee blog, I exhausted myself trying to spend some time on you and write about sticks and then you deleted it. You should be honored that I'm making the effort to type capital letters right now and make you look all fancily grammatically-correct.

Here's a meager attempt at internet goodies:

Aaand a random snot thippet thought snippet from this week:
Remember this stuff from freshman biology?

So, then:  is apple juice pretty much just apple cytoplasm?
Deep, I know.

Have an awesome weekend, amigos.


Jeff said...

Wasn't that crazy how blogger deleted all sorts of stuff? I hadn't posted since Tuesday so all I lost were some comments. I guess all of blogger went down so they had to restore it from a backup on Wednesday. So any posts or comments that were created after that were lost.

They're working on restoring everything they got rid of.

Anyway, apply cytoplasm is delicious. :)

Caitlin said...

Blogger restored my blog post but not the comments :( :(

I <3 the llama font!! AND XKCD. A woman after my own heart :) <3

Nanoinfinity said...

I'm sending encouraging vibes to your immune system.


(I hope it gets the message soon.)

PS Captcha is "mouse." Love it.

Kristie said...

True to form, Randall Monroe actually built a ball pit and made an online calculator so you can figure out how many balls to buy to make your own. Just to give you a goal for your first architecture paycheck.

vojacque said...

HI lovely!

I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Please go to my blog for details!

Stay Stylish,
Jacque @ vojacque

ps. Feel better soon! :)

Sam said...

I can confirm that you were near death when I talked to you on the phone. I hope that you get well soon. You sounded horrible! <---That was not meant as an insult.
<3 Get well soon!

Markie said...

I hope you feel better soon!
And I LOVE that Little Mermaid Art!!!!!! SOOOOO amazing. I also think I might have to buy every piece of art that that artist has ever, ever painted. Her Etsy is AMAZING!

...Sorry... I kind of geek out about mermaids.

April said...

aww you guys are the best! Sorry for the whiny post : )

I'm starting to function again, slowly but surely, but whatever the eff I caught was a real doozy. Lifeguarding class has been... interesting. Perhaps it will be storytime again soon.

Emilee said...

hope you are feeling better!!! i can't believe you are taking a life guarding class while you are hacking up your lungs ... you are a super trooper! as always :)