Wednesday, March 2

Guacamole in a Jar

It's been bothering my OCD that I have more blog posts tagged under "FOOD" than anything else, yet have never actually shared any recipes. (Kinda came close during "Operation Thanksgiving" in Sweden, but then I got sidetracked by talking about cannibalistic crows instead).

On that note: 
Guacamole in a Jar
All you really need is:
  • 1 leftover glass pasta sauce jar* & an electric mixer
  • 1 semi-smooshy avocado, cut into 1" cubes, or 1/40ths (sorry, blame the Matthews-er in me)
  • salt & pepper
  • 2 tbs (at least) of lime juice-- fresh, or from a bottle, OR you can also substitute lemon juice & it will still be awesome.
But here's some optional awesomeness:
  • 1/4 red onion, diced (you can use other varieties, but red onion just tastes more Mexican to me. Awkward but true.)
  • finely diced jalapeño
  • chopped cilantro (I just grab a bunch in my hand and hack at it with scissors) (...the cilantro, I mean)
  • OR: a couple spoonfuls of salsa because somebody already cut all the stuff up for you.

*Why a jar? We wash & save jars to store all our leftovers in. It's cheaper than tupperware, won't melt in the microwave, won't stain/absorb weird smells, and is probably healthier than plastic. This habit led to just making guacamole right in the jar, because doing dishes sucks.

1. Put everything in the jar.

2. Put one beater on the mixer, & beat away.  
Revolutionary!! HAHAHA. Ha. Haha. So punny.

3. I was going to say, "Don't forget to lick the beater," but it's just too awkward when it's part of something's face and makes you think of horrible, horrible conjunctivitis.
( Herman is special, he only needed one sticker.)

4. Spoon onto burritos, oh heck YES.

5. Hopefully, you saved the lid from that jar. Screw it on & stick the leftovers in the fridge!
...If there are leftovers.


Jessica McLeod said...

Genius! I love it!!

Markie said...

Bahahahahaha! Conjunctivitis. That kind of made me want to throw up a little - but I laughed instead.

Seriously, genius! I make guac all the time (I get most of my fats and calories from avocado) and I hate how it always gets brown and gross when you put it in tupperware. Does it do that when you put it in a glass jar?

April said...

Thanks, Jessica! (Just looked @ your blogger profile-- violet pumps?! You crack me up!!)

Markie, I think the glass jar prevents that to some degree, but what I've really noticed is that the more lime/lemon juice you add, the longer it takes to turn brown (antioxidants in action)! Sometimes I just pour the juice on top before I stick it in the fridge : )

jacin {lovely little details} said...


Brandi said...

You can put the avocado pit on top of the guacamole and slightly press it in, and its supposed to help it to not turn brown. Oh and great idea about keeping jars instead of other tupperware stuff!

ho_ said...

This is coming from the girl who's g'ma tried feeding us purple guac...


Mandy said...

Good idea! One time, I made guacamole in a waterfall/cave in Costa Rica. Highly recommended. :)

jayme said...

this is the first post i've ever read of yours because i just found you and i have to say, you. are. wonderful! what a brilliant idea, i'm going to go save all my pasta sauce jars right now and make millions of guac tonight. i'm so excited. ...calming down...

Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

I'm a guacamole junkie, and this idea is fabulous!!! Try garlic salt instead of regular salt and you'll never go back!

newyorkcliche said...

I really love your pictures, they have a great quality to them I can't quite describe. This entry should put some sort of warning: MAY CAUSE OVER WHELMING URGE TO EAT A HUGE JAR FULL OF GUACIN ONE SITTING

Nick Nieto said...

looks delish - I'm going to try this tonight!

vojacque said...

this absolutely looks delish! and the more i scroll down to read, the more i love your blog. :)

mina said...

I love this. I just bought pre-made guacamole and I'm never going to do that again, it was awful. This looks easy enough!