Tuesday, March 8

Elevator music

It's been a busy week for me in terms of job-hunting (this is a good thing! I'm patting myself on the back!), but that doesn't mean I'm not going to skip out on giving you, dear readers, some major distraction from whatever else you were doing before you decided to visit.

First of all, prepare to never look at a plastic bag the same way again. (Note that this is voiced by Scar, which makes it all the more credible:)

Oh, yes. That really just happened.
  • Another cute little guy that I want to watch over & over & over (the first "cute little guy" being the bumbling little plastic bag, of course).




    (P.S. Cross your fingers for me!! I'm really looking forward to rockin' the cubicle life-- not even kidding.)


    Kristie said...

    I'm keeping out of your more involved links for the time being (seeing as I'm supposed to be laying out my final boards right now), but I did check out those tshirts and OMG I am in love!! The To Kill a Mockingbird one is gorgeous (and what a wonderful book), and I am so excited by the idea of Kurt Vonnegut apparel. The only one that's missing is Catch-22's iconic graphics. That I could not ever resist.

    (Ha! The word verification here is "biking". I like it).

    Kristie said...

    I take it back, THERE IS A CATCH-22 SHIRT. Yessssss!

    April said...

    I know I know!! To Kill a Mockingbird is definitely in my Top Three Favorite Books list. Sadly, I don't think I could wear it as a shirt because my imagination takes the title too literally and it makes me sad.

    I am a bad bookworm for never having read Catcher in the Rye, yet really, really coveting it in sweatshirt form.

    And that Catch-22 shirt would be amazingly amazing on you. Amazingly.

    GillyGilly said...

    I just came here to browse from 20SB and can I just say I LOVE your html. I want to steal it, but I won't :)

    From what I've read you're blog is cool too :)

    Amy said...

    Love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine. And damn if its not right, I will never look at a plastic bag the same again.

    Married In Chicago said...

    ooo what a good birthday wish!

    Natalie said...

    That shirt website is amazing! I about flipped a gasket when I saw the Nancy Drew one! Thank you for sharing this amazement!

    Markie said...

    Oh my goodness. Those mice are the cutest things I've ever seen. I can't even get over it. AND, those shirts? I would no longer be able to call myself a nerd if I didn't like them. So good.

    Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

    That was great April! Thank you for the good laughs. My lol's had Matt quite curious as to what I was doing.

    Kristie said...

    You've got me totally addicted to that vocabulary game. Thanks.