Thursday, December 23


One crafty, neurotically obsessive (ehmm, let's say "passionate") recycler
+ one prolific paper-printing physics student
+ copious Christmas spirit
= ...


Jason made two. To him, this was a glorious opportunity to geek out on geometry, and he spent the whole time figuring out how to make six-point snowflakes. Needless to say, they took a little more time and care than the octagonal blizzard I was hacking away at.

He kept apologizing for his production rate, but I encouraged him to keep tinkering. The mad-scientist mumblings that went along with it were too entertaining to discourage.

J (to himself, confused): But they are 15° increments...
A:  Well that's good, right?
J:   Yes. Now I just need to figure out how to extract the hexagon out of them.

Ten minutes later...
J: ...huh. How did the hexagon get THERE?!

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