Thursday, December 9

Existential Crisis

Alright, amigos. Our time here in Sveeden has expired. For the past two weeks I've been wondering, what's going to happen to this blog?

I try to analyze my motivations for everything I do in life. My first reason for starting this little project was that I'm a giant creep and I LOVE reading other peoples' blogs (our future children's journals will never, ever be safe). I get so excited whenever I discover a friend of mine has started a blog-- so I thought I'd try to return the favor. (And if you're considering starting one, you know you'll have at least one steadfast stalker reader here!)

I can't say that writing this has been ALL selfless giving, though; getting comments and "followers" totally makes our day. If it weren't for you guys, this blog wouldn't have survived two weeks. I'm a sucker for extrinsic motivation.

This weakness of mine poses a problem-- one that seems common to many bloggers (and facebookers and twitterers). When I started this blog, I noticed that I was distracted from 'living in the moment.' My brain had developed a filter that filed daily moments into either 'blog-worthy,' or 'other people won't think that's interesting.' Over the weeks, the 'blogger-brain' has faded, but the posts have gotten a little more sparse as a result.

While we were here, my dear ol' Papa Bear sent us a boatload of tea (I promise this will be related), which had little quotes on each bag. One really clicked:

"Grief shared is half grief. Joy shared is double joy."


And for this reason, I'll keep writing here.  It might not be updated quite as frequently, but you'll definitely have least one or two posts per week.

STALK ON, amigos. You rock my socks off.


Kelley said...

As a fellow blogger, I can totally relate to you. I think in "blog" now. I catch myself saying, "oh that would be a great post for my blog!" As if anyone really cares, but me! ha! I really enjoy reading your blog and look at your amazing photography. You are hilarious! I am glad that you will keep posting. Also, thank you for being my best follower! We won't say stalker - too harsh of a word. In all seriousness, I really appreciate all of your comments on my blog! Have a great trip back to the states!

April said...

Thank you for the sweet comment, Kelley : ) Glad we're blog buddies.

Sam said...

I didn't realize this was still going. Now I have so much catching up to do!