Monday, December 6


I'd be a bad, bad blogger if I didn't share some Sveedish Snö pictures with you guys. (Yes, that's really how they say 'snow.' We saw it written in a snowdrift on one of our walks and I almost peed from excitement over the Nordic-ness of it all.) (No, it wasn't written with pee.) (Although making the 'ö' dots would have required some serious talent.) (Way to start off a blog post, April.)

Apparently, snow rarely sticks in Southern Sweden... so when it dumped powder for twelve days straight, HOLEEE SNOTSICLES. It thrilled our socks off.

I'm refraining from typing a ': )' as the caption for every single image below.
{click to zoooom}


Snow is one of my favorite foods. Seriously. It doesn't quite beat out peas or salsa, but it's up there. This has been limiting how long I stay outside because I CAN'T NOT EAT IT. I've been stuffing myself silly, and then running inside, shivering with bright red hands. It's worth it.

I just want to plop down on one of these benches and bury my face in the table.

Those of you who know Jason can imagine he's up to his ears in excitement over this wintry weather. When we're walking somewhere, about every ten minutes he'll kick up some powdery snow off the side of street, chuckling, "It's so FLUFFY!!" He says those exact three words, every time. (Alllllmost makes me want to move to Colorado, just so I can see this more often. Almost.)

Also: The cathedral produced some WICKED, SEVEN-FOOT ICICLES. There's warning tape strung up all around its perimeter to prevent human ice-kabobs.


Claire said...

omg that looks beautiful!!!
1-can i have the full sized picture of the snowflakes? (on a chair it looks like) I love it!
2-PRI on the tuesday after you get back?

Markuerite said...

The photo of the lamposts remind me so much of Narnia! It's ridiculously amazing!
Plus... I'm a total nerd for saying that.

April said...

1- absolutely.

Nooo kidding. About the Narnia part. Although you are a nerd, too : ) This establishment encourages that sort of thing, so keep it coming.

April said...

p.s., Claire-- the snowflakes are on Rustito's little seat-o

Cassie said...

I am soo jealous that you got snow. I was just saying that to another blogger too. I have always wanted a white christmas. But not chance in CAlifornia.

Just found your blog and I am excited to folloW!

Sara said...

April your blog is amazing. Wish we could get some snow :(

April said...

Cassie-- hi! I know how you feel; I grew up in Long Beach. When I saw frost on the grass for the first time in my life (6 yrs old?) I ran outside barefoot and rolled on the ground, screaming IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED!!

Sara!! I didn't know you read this... cool! Just let us land in the Eugene airport Friday night first, then it can snow buckets and buckets ; )