Saturday, February 19

Thrift Therapy

I recently made a discovery that changed my life.

Goodwill sells randomly-colored coat hangers for 99¢ a dozen.

(And I realize they're just going to get reshuffled, but I couldn't help myself:
...then I re-randomized them, because I couldn't figure out how to get rainbow-organized hangers to mesh with a rainbow-organized closet.)

While my pal Kanette and I were at Goodwill, the coat hangers (and the atypical Oregon sunshine outdoors) inspired me to go on a spring-colored frenzy:

These three things were my sister's birthday presents (lucky shmuck). As far as I can tell, everything is serious vintage status. The shirt's tag is yellowed and totally faded, the cutesey drink coasters (6 of them) were still in their original packaging, and the rainbow lace belt has $*#% glitter on it. Enough said.

And the rest was mine. Damn, I love that soy-sauce spoon thing. This super-lucky Goodwill trip has me seriously considering opening an Etsy shop...

P.S. Jason was totally cool with me bringing home twenty plastic pink poppies. He rocks. However, when I texted him a shot of this mustard velvet chair, I found the limit to his tacky tolerance. The way he oh-so-delicately tried to tell me that it made him gag was pretty hilarious.


Sam said...

I NEED that chair! Why would you ever cover it. It's beautiful!

I miss Goodwill!

Burns, you are killin' me Man!

Natalie said...

Gasp! Spectacular!

kanette said...

That was the best goodwill trip ever! I still haven't decided to do with my raspberry yarn, I just like looking and it and the color makes me happy.

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

What a bunch of fun finds! Looks like we were both "goodwillin" this weekend. I love how you displayed all your finds in this post - I contemplated doing something similar, but my lack of a good camera (or photographer) and patience caused me to boringly list out my items. Darn.

You should totally do a dumpster divin' post! I want to see everything you guys have gotten from the dumpster. hehe.

SO glad you guys liked the curry turkey burgers! Would have been a bummer to recommend something that everyone else thought was gross.

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

I just have to tell you that your sheer awesomeness caused me to feel the need to add photos of my goodwill finds. Being a blogger and perfectionist are a bad combo. (sigh)...

April said...

Sam, it would go so well in your apartment! I should just buy it and... store it here. & Thanks, Natil. I agree.

Kanette-- again this friday?? ; )

April said...

Kelley, good call on adding the pictures! I think they look great : ) Those Tecnicas are just plain HAWT. I'm jealous.

Speaking of perfectionism, having a good camera really does help. I rolled my eyes two years ago when Jason bought our Canon Rebel, and... now he's having the last laugh because I use it more than he does!

Although, it was his turn to roll his eyes when I spent two hours arranging & rearranging all the photos of my treasures in Photoshop. :P

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

Thanks! I am starting to become anxious about getting my hands on a new camera. I have slowly, but surely started hinting at it to Matt. hehe.