Thursday, February 10

It's my baby sister's birthday.

Except, not so baby. Eighteen?!

She means the world to me, and it broke my heart to move off to college and leave her at home five years ago. Now that she's a UO Duck, we finally get to live in the same city again! It's such a trip living here together, without our parents, as adults-- it's like a sleepover on steroids.

She's grown from a red-headed, stubborn, adorable, prodigal grade-skipping genius kid who HATED to have her picture taken... a red-headed (with platinum and pink streaks), stunningly gorgeous, go-getting, super-talented woman (woman!!) who's totally up for letting me do two-hour photoshoots in the park.

I'm so proud of her. She's a loyal and supportive therapist to all her friends, a busy little bookworm, a bold & brazen fashionista, and a total weirdo who can crack me up like no other.

I love you beebsh!!


Mikaela said...

Wow she's gorg!! I love her freckles! Nice photos : )

Do you know where she got that skirt?

April said...

Yes!! I'm a freckle fan myself. I was so excited to see how well they showed up in that second photo : )

I do believe that skirt (& the sweater she wore with it) are from Forever 21, but if I'm wrong I'll get back to ya.