Monday, February 14

{via peaceloveandsunflowers}
Happy Valentine's Day!

For some reason we're in an especially mushy mood this Monday so we're going to definitely do some romantical business this evening. Okay, I don't mean THAT romantical business, specifically. I mean, not that we're not going to do romantical business... GACK.

WE'RE GOING TO LIGHT CANDLES & DRINK WINE & COOK DINNER TOGETHER. Sorry to interrupt you, little caffeinated typing fingers with a mind of your own. (*waving to my parents and grandparents... including the in-law varieties.)

Obviously I can't properly censor myself right now, so here are some links for your love day:


When zookeepers feel romantic.

Doesn't get any tackier than sending valentine's day e-cards right? Well, you know the best part of every holiday? Embracing the tackiness. I dare you.

Want to take pictures like these? Check out the tutorial.

IT'S BUSINESS TIME. I know you've all seen it before, but let's make this a Valentine's sing-along tradition, eh?

Last but not least, a rockin' V-day philosophy via Kelley Maria:
Give yourself an excuse to celebrate love and friendship by doing something that makes you or someone special extra happy!
Valentine's day doesn't have to be about spending money or having a significant other.
Just celebrate something.
Why not?!

What are you guys doing to celebrate today?


L.Baker said...

I read your blog at work, which, is not advisable since I am laughing so hard at your romantical business. Happy Valentine's Day! I knew I could count on you to bloggingly celebrate :)

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

I just noticed your mention of my blog and "words of wisdom!" (hehe!) Thank you April! Made my day :)

Your s'more fondue sounds delish! We did chocolate fondue for dessert - a mixture of dark chocolate, caramel sauce and a bit of cream. We dipped strawberries, apples and bananas in the gooey goodness.