Thursday, November 18

An Ode to Glögg

Perusing the aisles of Willy's one day,
I spied your carboard carton.
I thought you'd only be a bore,
and leave my checkbook smartin'.

Your awful name intrigued me, though,
"Is it swamp water?" I said.
I tossed you in the cart that eve'
and moved on to the bread.

Once at home I cracked your lid
(I wondered if I'd need to chew).
I took a cautious swig, unnknowing
Life would soon begin anew.

A flock of cherubs sang out my ears
My heart, it nigh exploded.
Everything my taste buds once liked
was now, by far, outmoded.

You're Christmas in a glass, dear glögg.
You're Jesus-Inspired Brew.
You're sugar and spice and everything nice
But you've got some puppy tail, too:

I spied upon your blessed vessel
A note saying "Alkoholfri."
There must be a naughty version out there
But let's keep it away from me...

I'm hunting down your recipe, glögg,
I must have you on demand.
Back at home, they need to meet you--
The Glögg Party's already planned.


kels kels said...


Kristie said...

This made my day-- and my day was already awesome.

Kelley said...

You are hilarious April! (and quite a talented poet as well!) I myself discovered Glogg about a year ago, here in the states, at IKEA! As I was curiously eyeing it, these two ladies came up to me and started raving about this mysterious drink that came disguised as a bottle of wine. I only bought it because these ladies were crazy about it & boy was I glad that I did. YUM!

Kanette said...

Martha Stewart has a recipe for Glogg on her website!!! I came across while looking for the sangria recipe you used a few years ago to get us all tipsy at your christmas party (at least I think it was a christmas party....)

April said...

Kanette, I do believe it was a "Holiday HOO-rah." And this is the sangria recipe, if you haven't found it yet:

But I hope you try the glogg recipe too... ; )

kanette said...

I did find the sangria recipe, right above the glogg recipe ;) Do you remember putting citrus vodka in, because I feel like you might have done that.....

April said...

You know me so incredibly well, that-- not only do you know where to look for the recipe in the first place-- you also know how I "edit" it. (applause) (I miss you terribly)

kanette said...

I miss you too!!! And you now have to come home because I went and bought mandrin vodka for the recipe, and the rest has your name on it ;)