Saturday, November 13

Elevator Music

Here, let this smiling baby goat via thatcutesite distract you from my blatant blog abandonment.

The weather was way too gorgeous today for me to be blah-blah-blahging. Rain is forecasted tomorrow though, so perhaps we shall have some storytime then!
For now, let me shoo you along to these other, more interesting websites:

You're not the only one who wants to KILL your printer.

Thanks to clicking on Sveedish facebook ads, I now know what I'm wearing on the airplane ride home. ►

Christmas sweaters for Jason & April.

More 'Trekky stuff.

Only a small snippet of the funniest TV show ever to grace the internets: What happens when you try to get Abed to talk to a new girl. Then this. (From NBC's Community.)

Jamaican Poodle!

Also, how to tell if your dog is retarded.

Ever feel the need to be obnoxiously cheerful? Lay this one on 'em.

¡Happy Saturday, mis amigos!


Kristie said...

I love the Trekky sweatshirt-- very clever!

But the picture of that baby goat is disgusting. I can't even look at it.

Samantha said...

The retarded dog made me smile and feel like crying at the same time. It was cathartic.