Wednesday, September 14

Your Questions!: Most Embarrassing Moment, and what I'll never blog about

This picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post-- BUT-- I am promising you right here and right now, I will never again attempt anything as trendy as bacon cupcakes with maple frosting. Ever.
Meet the "Sam" (right)  behind all the epically long & hilarious comments often found here! Love that kid.

(This was for a "bacon party" for our GYM. So legit.) On a sliiightly related note-- now that I'm sick of cupcakes, I'm trying that Paleo diet again. I'm on day three... and every time I wake up in the middle of the night, I get nervous. Eep. On the plus side, you guys might get more barfing stories...?

Moving on-- next two questions, again from Ryan!

What is your most embarrassing moment?
What's one thing you will NEVER talk about on your blog? And why? 

Ironically, I will NEVER talk about my most embarrassing moment on zee blog. It involves a weekend stay at the Hubster's family cabin, a midnight oversized poo, and the horrific steps taken to get rid of said poo. I've already said too much. If you guys really want to hear about it, email me and I might just tell you. But you'll probably regret it a lot a lot a lot.

Seeing as I'm in a chatty mood, and seeing as I prettttty much just blogged about what I said I wouldn't blog about, I'll list a second blogger-verboten topic.

While I try to keep it real on here, and avoid only talking about happy-go-lucky-things that make my life sound flawless, I will never vent about any specific person on my blog. It doesn't seem like it would accomplish anything other than spreading negativity. I learned from my parents to "focus on finding solutions, rather than dwelling on problems."

I do realize that if I did vent, I might get some helpful feedback or advice from the comments (not to mention higher traffic than normal), I'd rather just ask a few carefully chosen confidantes for advice than spread my drama all over the interwebs. And yes, there are several of you who will probably fall into the "confidante category" sooner or later : )

Your turn, amigos! Embarrassing moments? Forbidden blog topics? I'm curious!


Kristie said...

Forbidden blog topics is totally a trick question!

I've recently been testing my tumblr waters by asking myself, "Is this something I would feel comfortable saying/showing to my mom/friends/coworkers?" Because there's always the possibility they will check it out and uncomfortable conversations may ensue.

The reverse of this is that now I'm asking myself, "I really want to put this on tumblr, maybe I should have this conversation with my mom...?"

Markie said...

Yum on the bacon, maple cupcakes? Were they good?

I have lots of embarrassing moments... but probably the most embarrassing involved my youth pastor walking in on me whilst I was going to the bathroom (#2) at his house WHILE he was on the phone. I was about 16. He walked through the bathroom and into the laundry room (which you could only get to through the bathroom). He suddenly realized after going into the laundry room that he had walked right passed me. He then came back to where I was sitting on the toilet, and subconsciously stared at me for a split second before running out of the room. It was terrible.

And... I pretty much haven't blogged in about 2 months (yipes) but I definitely wouldn't blog about something hateful or gossipy. Nor would I blog about anything that I would be embarrassed to show my husband/mentors.

Caitlin said...

I've blogged about my most embarassing terms of forbidden topics, usually the specifics behind my childhood are off-limits. I'm afraid of someone in my family finding it and causing problems! <3

You are adorable, btw.

The Woven Moments said...

You need to meet Abby at She is hosting a meme for embarrassing moments. HILARIOUS. You need to go to there.

Lozzz123 said...

I definitely agree about the venting about specific people thing. Like mentioned above, if people I knew happened across my blog (even though I sort of try to make sure it's not personal enough to find me) I wouldn't have to feel bad or need to explain myself.

As for embarrassing moments, I've had so many in my life that it's hard to narrow it down to just one! I think dislocating my knee in my one ever game of hockey and having almost my whole school witness it was pretty bad though!

Jeff said...

I totally agree. I won't ever post about negativity with a specific person. Your reason is more altruistic than mine. It's definitely a good thing to not spread the negativity. But my reason is simple, I really don't know who reads my blog. There have been a number of times that I've talked to someone I haven't seen in forever and they'll mention something they read on my blog. What if I said something negative about someone only to discover they read it? It's much too risky.

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

Sooo I am curious...did the bacon cupcakes turn out so well that you ate too many and are now OD'd on them or did they turn out poorly? They look delicious!

Mucho respecto for how you keep it real on this awesome blog of yours and strive to not make your life seem perfect. It's an odd world...this blogging world and it can be so easy to make your life seem flawless.

Sam said...

Yeah baby! I made it to the big times! My first cameo appearance in a blog. And not just any blog, the beautiful and talented Aprily Anne's blog. I'm going to go ahead and just block out the fact that most of this post is about poop, puke and bacon and relish the fact that I am co-staring!

To answer the re-appearing question: Yes, those cupcakes were delicious! But, if you ate more than one, you would wish you were dead. Not because they weren't good, but because you would have exceeded your yearly allowed caloric intake in a matter of minutes. The bacon ice cream (not pictured) was also very good, but my favorite bacon-themed food was probably the bacon guacamole, which is a little obvious, but sometimes you got to stick with what works. However, I could also live off of the salad that April made, but didn't have enough bacon to finish. That was so damn good!

April, I love and miss you so much. Thank you for letting me crash your party (both in real life an on the internet). I love how you had to explain to the guys at your gym that I am not into working out, but I am super into bacon. They seemed really confused until you mention that I live in Texas. Why does that make everything make sense? Please be very careful with your cult diet! I generally am opposed to anything that bans you from consuming copious amounts of sugar and alcohol, as I had a marvelous time on the Skittles and wine diet until I started having dreams that all my teeth fell out.

Anyway, long story short, thanks for the shout out. Back at ya Sista Cat. XO!

ms.composure said...

found your blog randomly and i am LOVING it!! New follower :-)

Claire said...

My most embarrassing moment ever, was work.

I ended up having to stick a note in the kitchen saying: "I apologize for my apparently rancid water bottle that I unwisely thought I should rinse out before throwing away...I'll be bringing cookies tomorrow to beg for your forgiveness."

Other info: I almost vomited when I opened the bottle. It took about 20 seconds before my cubicle neighbor asked what that smell was. I work in an office with about 100 people. We have one recirculating air unit. Many people took an early lunch...out of the office.

v o j a c q u e said...

I totally agree that a blog can make the person behind it seems "flawless." I really appreciate your humor and authenticity of your written words. I love reading them.

Things I wouldn't blog about... I try to only blog about anything and everything that I wouldn't regret posting and wouldn't find myself deleting them in the future.